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It’s Monday again..time is seriously flying by, but that just means that Thursday will get here faster and then I will be home in Ohio :).

I had a great workout this morning that looked like this:

Treadmill intervals

5 minutes at 4.0mph

10 minutes alternating 1 min at 8.0mph and 1 min at 4.0mph

10 minutes alternating 30 seconds at 9.0mph and 1 min 30 sec at 4.0mph

5 minutes walking 4.0mph at a 5.0% incline

I followed this up with 10 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the arc trainer. I was definitely sweaty at the end!


I was browsing the internet last night and came across this article in Huffington Post about bringing mindfulness into your life. You may read it here.

Essentially, the author created the acronym PLAY NOW to highlight how we can bring mindfulness into our everyday lives by loosening up. Here are what the letters stand for:

Play, Love, Acceptance, Yoga, Non-Judgment, Openness, Welcome

Here are my thoughts. Please remember, this is my opinion!

*Play- The author said that most of us fall into the trap of taking life too seriously and we put too much pressure on ourselves to succeed. Yep, I think I fall under this category. The author also said that we should allow ourselves to have playful attitudes when approaching things- including work. I think we all need a little more play time in our lives- I know I do. I take myself way too seriously sometimes and can get bogged down in things that won’t matter in the future. It’s when we play that I believe we experience some of the best and most memorable moments in life. Part of the reason I started this blog is so that I can work on bringing more playfulness into my life- so far, so good :).

*Love- The author is referring to love in the sense of self-compassion and says that we need to have compassion toward ourselves and send the message to others that even our “bad” parts are worthy of being loved. I agree with this- if we cannot love ourselves, then how will we truly ever let other people in?

*Acceptance- The author says it is necessary to accept the reality of everything in your life and let it be. He says that if we avoid something then we miss out on moments in our life. I think it’s necessary to accept what is going on in your life or else you will never learn to enjoy it, and never truly be able to have the self-compassion spoken about above. Overcoming obstacles is a part of life for everyone. Avoiding a problem won’t get you anywhere and if anything it will just weigh down on you and make you miserable.

*Yoga- The author uses this term in the sense of “uniting our minds with our bodies”. He says it is essential for us to be connected with our bodies. This is so true. Getting in tune with your body allows you to recognize when something is wrong or when you’re stressed and need a break. If we don’t recognize what our body needs then we will never be able to fully thrive.

*Non-Judgment- The author states that practicing non-judgment will help break up the “rigidity of our minds”. He isn’t talking about judging other people- although I’m sure that would help too- but he is referring to the judgment we have of ourselves, our abilities, and the situations we are in. I know that often times I’m in a situation, and I immediately think “Oh, I won’t like that” or “I don’t think I can do that” or even “This will be amazing”. Judgment in this sense doesn’t necessarily mean that you judge something with a negative spin, but just that you judge it at all. We should just let things be and see how they turn out. I think that sometimes when we judge ourselves or a situation, we get these expectations and then are disappointed when the outcome is different.

*Openness- The author states that we often miss out on great things in life because we aren’t open to them. We are used to living a certain way and we get comfortable. As I’ve gotten older I’ve tried to take more chances and be open to new things because I’ve realized that otherwise I get bored really easily. I don’t want to live a boring and un-fulfilling life.

*Welcome- The author says that it’s important to “welcome” what is here in our lives. “When we’re welcoming with what’s here — even if it’s a gathering of sorrows — we feed our minds with warmth and care…On the other hand, welcoming our joy allows us to savor the moment.” I think this goes along with a lot of what has already been said- that it’s important to recognize and be open to things that are happening here and now. This will allow us to have a healthy mind.

I think everything this author brought up is completely true. Do I personally practice all of these things? No. Do I think that it is something I want to work toward? Absolutely. I think having a healthy and flexible mind and being aware of your body and loving it no matter what is so important. I’m constantly learning that if I don’t do those things, I’m not that happy and I’m not as willing to go out and experience things in life.

What are your thoughts on this?

How do you try to incorporate mindfulness into your life?

About In Sweetness and In Health

I'm Lindsay! I'm a 23 year-old graduate student in occupational therapy. I love all things health and fitness related and this blog will document my life as I learn to really love myself, try to stop worrying so much about my body, and truly take advantage of all the sweet things that life offers us.

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  1. I love this acronym! I think it points out some very great and true things about health!

  2. What up, OHIO! I was just there for a family wedding! 🙂

    p.s. I loove the “non-judgement” portion of this.

  3. I had been told about mindfulness to try to reduce stress and enjoy the moment last year. It really has helped me relax more in life and think about what I’m doing at that moment instead of constantly thinking about what I need to be doing later. I was always thinking ahead instead of enjoying what was going on right then. Mindfulness is definitely not an easy thing to do, but with practice it really is worth it.

  4. This is an awesome post. Definitely adapting the PLAY NOW acronym into my life! Thanks for sharing and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! 🙂

  5. I love the idea of Play Now. I totally agree with all of those things, and I’ve actually been trying to incorporate them more into my life. I really like the idea of not taking things too seriously and accepting life for what it is… not living in the future, not living in the past… just being present and open to the world. Good stuff.

  6. Matt @ The Athlete's Plate

    I love this!

  7. Matt @ The Athlete's Plate

    And have fun back home! 🙂

  8. Ooohhh! I love this post! That is such a great article. I think the playful attitude is the hardest thing for me. I can be so serious sometimes.

  9. Great post and great article!

    I love the way yoga is mentioned. You don’t need to stretch and contort, but you need to KNOW your body and be able to recognize what it is trying to tell you!

    A little playfulness goes a long way. It is great that it starts the acronym.

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