Back from Florida!

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve had an awesome few days and enjoyed the lovely guest posts! Special thanks again to Alyssa, Holly, and Meg! 🙂

*** Also, check out my guest post today on Matt’s blog The Athlete’s Plate. ***

As I said, Chris and I left for Boca Raton, FL on Thursday morning. We had our first travel annoyance that morning when I discovered that our first flight was delayed and therefore we would be missing our connection. After waiting for a half hour, I finally got an airline rep on the phone so we could adjust our flight schedule. At first she said we wouldn’t be able to arrive until 10pm that night when we originally should have gotten in at 1pm.

Um….I don’t think so lady (of course I was polite on the phone). Thankfully she was able to schedule us with another airline so that we could get in at 2pm.

Travel annoyance #2 came when our flight from Charlotte to Florida was delayed 45 minutes. That one wasn’t so bad…just annoying since we were only going to be in Boca for 2.5 days anyway and now we were going to arrive even later.

Travel annoyance #3 occurred with the person who had the seat next to me. He looked like a short man on some serious steroids and his arms were so big that I had to lean to the other side of my seat to avoid touching him. Also, he snored SO loud that people 4 rows in front of us were staring back and giving me looks of symapthy. To make it somewhat entertaining, we he finally woke up he started reading and underlining a book called: “Think, and Get Rich”. Haha, I’m sure his roided out, tanned body and bleached blonde mohawk will make people take him seriously with business.

Anyway, our trip was successful! Chris was able to finally find a place to live, we got to see the campus, and explore the area. I was a bad blogger and didn’t take too many pictures, but here are the ones I did manage to capture:

Mmmm...I made Chris take me to get fro-yo 🙂

We had a lovely night playing cards by the pool where we got 2 for $5 drinks and played some cards. At first Chris kept winning, but then I kicked his butt ;).

Oh, and I got about 15 mosquito bites…those things seriously love me. I have bites up and down both legs and some of them are dime-size welts.

Chris making his beverage a little stronger 😉

We got to see Mizner Park which is a very ritzy and pretty shopping/dining center.

Some pics of Florida Atlantic University. I’m so jealous that he’s going to get to see palm trees everyday when he’s going to class.

New football stadium being built

All in all, the trip was successful, but I can’t wait until I can go back and spend time on the beautiful beaches!


Frustrated with Myself

While in Florida, some of my negative body image thoughts resurfaced. I absolutely hate when this happens. As I’ve stated in my “about me” page, I had a period of disordered eating in late high school. I obviously no longer have those eating (or not eating) habits, but the thoughts that I am not skinny enough have remained. Sometimes they are really quiet and I am able to appreciate my body for what it is and how it looks and I love it! Other times, like this weekend, those thoughts come back full force and I feel guilty every time I eat something that is even slightly unhealthy or that is considered a high calorie food. I also feel guilty if I don’t get in a good workout or some sort of activity.

I realize that I am in fact a small girl and I am consciously aware that these periodic thoughts are ridiculous, yet for some reason they still occur. I even understand that I’m being completely irrational while I’m thinking these things and feeling guilty, but I’m still not able to calm them. It’s like they take over the sensible parts of my brain.

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around why my body image views cycle through good and bad periods. I think part of the reason they surfaced this weekend was due to several things-

  • I felt bloated the whole time (this often occurs when I travel by air)
  • I ate dessert 3 nights in a row
  • I only really exercised for 25 minutes while there.

Looking at those factors, I KNOW with absolute certainty that eating dessert on vacation and taking a break from exercise is not a big deal and will not cause me to gain weight. I also know that as soon as I get back to my normal eating and exercise routine I will feel better and will be happy to indulge in a dessert.

I guess I’m just frustrated with myself because I know that the warped views of my body and unreasonable guilt about eating dessert and not exercising are just that – warped and unreasonable. I’m frustrated because if I know these things, why am I not able to listen to the sane voice in my head telling me them?

I wish I could get rid of those negative and guilty thoughts and be able to truly love (or at least totally accept) my body. Right now, I am only able to do that sometimes. I want to be able to all the time.

Do you guys have any advice?

Sorry for being a debbie downer, but I know that a lot of other bloggers have gone through – or still are going through – similar things and I would love to hear your ideas/thoughts!

Love you all 🙂


About In Sweetness and In Health

I'm Lindsay! I'm a 23 year-old graduate student in occupational therapy. I love all things health and fitness related and this blog will document my life as I learn to really love myself, try to stop worrying so much about my body, and truly take advantage of all the sweet things that life offers us.

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  1. Lindsay I think not enough people aknowledge on their blogs that they feel this way because we all have these days. I had a bout of disordered eating after my first year of university and those feeling naturally creep back now and again. For instance right now I have a massive cold and my lungs will not let me exercise… I hate it!

    You know your thoughts are irrational so you don’t need help there. I think we all have “down” days and I think the best thing I can say to you is that you are not at all alone. I guarantee that after your next super sweat inducing workout you will be back on top of the world!

  2. ittybitsofbalance

    You were in Boca!? That’s literally 1 hour from Miami (where I am now)
    I had a friend that used to go to FAU and I went up to visit him one time. We actually went to eat in that shopping center and there were tons of high class cars and stores all over
    Hope you had a good trip & I’m glad you made it back safely 🙂

  3. I don’t really have any advice, but I had to say that I frequently deal with the same exact thing. I know I’m small, I know I have no reason to worry, and yet I do. I enjoy what I’m eating while on vacation (I’m in Florida right now, too!), but I still think a little too much about how I look, how bloated I’m getting, etc.

    Just one thing. As I’m sure we both know, you have to eat 3500 EXTRA calories, on top of what you usually eat, to truly gain one pound. So although we both may feel like we’ve gained a bunch of weight, it probably is just water weight and will go right back down as soon as we start eating healthy foods again. 🙂

    And FYI, you look gorgeous in those pics!! 🙂

  4. It would be nice to look at palm trees everyday! My boyfriend’s brother goes to school in FL, and from what I hear, it’s nice being able to see the beach everyday :). Is your boyfriend going to grad school there?

    I can relate to the body image issues. Travel makes my issues worse too…I sometimes have stomach issues when I travel, and when it’s combined with food that I’m not used to eating everyday and not a lot of exercise, it only makes me feel worse. I know it’s usually all in my head, but it’s hard to push the thoughts away sometimes!

  5. Yes, I agree you look so happy in the pics and it looks like you had an amazing time! I feel the same way about my body too. My clothes fit great but there are times I am just so bloated. I drink a lot of water and I stop eating when I feel satisfied, but there are still many times that I feel huge.
    I am sure you will be feeling better once you get back into your routine.
    I recently added your blog to my google reader because I can relate to your story.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  6. I have those days. I’ve had people tell me that I should be skinnier because I run so much. Um, really?Thanks! Sometimes it gets me down, sometimes not.

  7. I’m sorry you had some negative thoughts ruin your weekend, hun. Unfortunately, those thoughts are kind of hard to prevent… they just sorta sneak in there uninvited. But just keep in mind that you deserve dessert, and you deserve rest. Going away is meant for relaxation and enjoyment… there are plenty of other days to exercise and stick to what you normally eat. Did you enjoy your trip? Did you enjoy dessert? Did you enjoy the rest? Because really… that’s all that matters. Don’t let guilt ruin enjoyment – it’s just not worth it.

  8. traveling can throw us off schedule, which brings lots of uncertainty. Be aware of the moments and breathe the postitive it. Its all good and it temporary! I know, easier said than done. Safe travels!!

  9. Hi! I just found your blog! I just wrote a post a couple of days ago and struggling with my weight and body image and how I try to look at my strengths. I am not happy with the number on the scale, but I am okay with the way I look and I have accomplished so much this year like running a half marathon! I just try to focus on what my body can do and how far I have come either in my strength or my running. I definitely have my bad days…which tends to happen on vacations or those busy weekends when I don’t get my workouts in…but once I’m back in my routine I feel a lot better. 😀

  10. Lady, you are beautiful! When im travelling I feel the exact same way, and it puts me in a funk where I’m really critical etc. By the end of my vacation, im usually looking forward to getting home and getting back to my regular schedule of work outs and my own kitchen! But, honestly, you are beautiful! All negative thoughts aside, it looks like you had an incredible time in FLA!!!

  11. lillyandpearls

    I experienced the same thing this weekend on mini vacay #3 in a row and feeling like I have totally deserted Paleo and my body felt bloated and awful! Instead of getting too down I used it as fuel to get back on the train today in order to remember what waking up not feeling bloated/lethargic/like I just ate thanksgiving dinner will feel like and how happy my body will be this week! It is hard to allow ourselves to relax fully especially when we are so used to a certain workout plan and way of eating!

  12. Hey girl! Looks like a wonderful time down there 🙂 I am glad you got desserts, drinks and warmth! Isn’t that what it’s all about? Relaxation can be difficult and I typically think that us bloggers are a bit hyperactive, and type A as they come…and that is OK! We just have to remember to take breaks, and that regardless of workouts or no workouts our weight is not going to fluctuate that much (maybe a few pounds at most)…and realistically you could never exercise again and still weigh the same amount. In my opinion, we should be able to eat whatever we want, workout or not workout and maintain a healthy lifestyle! People all over the world approach workout/diet differently and I can’t say that ours is the “right” way…you know? I hope you find some peace today and that the comments help!

  13. I just want to tell you that I recently found your blog and I love it. I am veering closer and closer to starting my own blog and I am getting inspiration through you starting this one. I told my bf last night I wanted to start one, I just don’t know what to name it 🙂

    I grew up about 20 min away from the FAU campus, and my bf lives about 5 min from it now. (I have now migrated to the other coast of FL for school and have resided there since I graduated 2 years ago) But it is a beautiful place to be! Your bf is going to love it there I am sure, great decision on his part! The beaches are gorgeous and Mizner is a fun place to go out for a nice dinner and leisure I’m glad you found it. If you ever want to know some places to go to I would love to share with you my secret spots from growing up. I am glad you enjoyed your trip!

    Thank you for posting about your body image difficulties. I have been going through blog after blog and I see these girls who look amazing and are athletic and eating healthy (which you are one of them by the way) and I feel like I don’t even come close to them. They don’t often post about these things and I think that they always have a positive BI. I have been struggling with this for a while now and get down on myself easily if I eat ONE bad thing. But like you said, it won’t make you gain weight. You are beautiful and as soon as you get back to exercising you will feel good about yourself. Just keep focusing on all that you accomplish in the gym when you are there and how good you will feel when you are back into it. One weekend won’t kill you, thats what I have to remind myself of.

    Sorry this is so long. I am glad that you enjoyed your weekend down south!

    • Oh my gosh thank you so much! I definitely think you should start a blog…I absolutely LOVE it :). I’ll definitely keep you in mind should I have questions about Boca! Thanks for the offer!! I’m so excited you like my blog…that makes me feel so good :).

  14. I have these thoughts creep up from time to time too… but then I go to a beach or a pool and see that the majority of girls in bikinis are legitimately over-weight, so I feel pretty confident again. Anyways – you deserve to be happy, and you already know that you are at a healthy weight (plus you’re adorable!) so enjoy your dessert & enjoy your life! Everything in moderation, right?

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