Shopping Adjustments

Happy Friday everyone!

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My calves were still super duper sore this morning, so I opted for an impromptu rest day instead of my scheduled lifting sesh. It hurt so bad to walk down the stairs and I figured that resting my legs just means that they will be fresh for a great workout tomorrow!

I did some shopping today :). I’m trying not to spend a lot of money right now because I don’t have a job and I’m in grad school…so that basically means that my savings account continues to disappear :(. BUT, I still have some b-day money to spend and I think my two purchases are really worthwhile.

First, I bought a new wallet!

I have needed a new wallet for some time now, but I couldn’t find one that cute without being a mini fortune. My mom and I went to an accessories store today called Charming Charlie. I LOVE that place! It’s set up in sections by color, so all of the pinks are together, all the blues together, etc. This store has awesome prices. My wallet was only $15 :). And, it’s not cheap stuff that will fall apart immediately either…so that’s good!

I also purchased Mama Pea’s cookbook!!!!

I am SO freaking excited to make some of these recipes! I am not vegetarian at all. I love meat too much…but I do enjoy vegetarian meals! You guys should definitely check out this cookbook. I’ve only skimmed it and I already know that it is awesome :).

As I was trying to take pictures of my purchases Cooper wasn’t too happy about it. He kept getting in the way of my camera and was walking all over my stuff haha. He is so needy sometimes…but I love him!

Adjusting How I Shop

Okay, so I love to shop. Now I’m not a person who goes crazy with their credit card every weekend, but I do like to get new things every once in a while. Does that make me a bad person? No. But sometimes, I feel guilty about buying something for myself. You see I’m paying for grad school and taking out loans for it, so I’m already in debt and that scares me. I’m a person that likes to save money, and right now with no paycheck coming in that isn’t happening. And that scares me too. I don’t want to have to become dependent on my parents for money.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe I just shouldn’t allow myself to shop for clothes and accessories until I’m done with grad school and have a job. But then I think – no, I work really hard in school and I do have enough money in my savings to get me through until I’m done, so it won’t hurt if I get a new thing here and there. I enjoy fashion and style- so why shouldn’t I let myself get some things? Plus, it’s not like I go spend outrageous amounts of money. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to appreciate a sale and shopping at stores with lower prices (Target, Macys, and Old Navy anyone?). Although, I do tend to spend a little more on jeans. I wear jeans ALL THE TIME, and finding a pair that fits me well is really hard- so I think splurging a little on those is okay πŸ™‚

I’ve definitely had to adjust how I shop now that I’m trying to use my own money and become and independent woman. Here are some of the things I’ve done-

  • I’ve signed up for discount retail sites like Rue La La, Ideeli, and Hautelook. I don’t always buy stuff from these sites, but they can have amazing deals!
  • I’m learning to recognize the types of clothes that I wear. There are always awesome new stylish items coming out, but if I’m not really going to wear that boyfriend blazer a lot, then I’m not going to buy it. In the past I probably would have, but now I know to only buy the things that I will get good use out of.
  • For my birthday and Christmas, I’ve asked for gift cards to my favorite stores- that way I will HAVE to spend the money on something I want, whereas if I had gotten cash I probably would have just put it in the bank.
  • I try to find the stylish things at cheaper stores. You can find awesome and in style pieces at Target and Kohls if you look for them. I mean, you never know unless you look right? Plus, the styles change so often anyway that what’s the point in splurging on something that will be dated next season? I would rather spend more money on pieces that will last.
  • I’m trying to learn to accessorize more. Scarves, fun jewelry, or a cute bag can all make a plain outfit look awesome!

Anyhoo…those are some of the ways that I’m trying to change how I shop so that I can manage my money well and won’t feel so guilty when I treat myself to a fashionable item.



Have you ever tried any of Mama Pea’s recipes?

How do you budget for shopping? Did you change your shopping ways when you stopped depending on your parents for money?





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I'm Lindsay! I'm a 23 year-old graduate student in occupational therapy. I love all things health and fitness related and this blog will document my life as I learn to really love myself, try to stop worrying so much about my body, and truly take advantage of all the sweet things that life offers us.

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  1. I absolutely love these questions! I LOVE to shop at thrift stores! In fact, that was never an adjustment I had to make, because I have always loved thrift stores. You said you like accessories–thrift stores are awesome for accessories! AND, CHEAP! You can get name brand stuff for dollars! I’m not kidding. And thrift store shopping is kind of like a treasure hunt. You never know if you’re going to have a good “shopping” day or a bad one. And, it just happens to be green, and often times, thrift stores are associated with charities, so you know the money you are spending is going for a good thing. And, since, like you said, styles go out so quickly, who cares if you get rid of it at the end of the season? You only paid a couple of bucks for it right? Now, I know you can’t get everything at a thrift store (care for “gently used” undies, anyone?), but, you know how sometimes you get in a shopping mood and you really shouldn’t be spending a lot of money? Thrift stores helps in those times too! You should totally try it!

  2. I definitely spend more time at the less expensive stores now that I’m paying my own way (Nordstrom Rack and I are getting pretty serious). That being said, I still splurge now and then, but that might be because I do have a paycheck coming in, so I can save and splurge. Evens out, IMHO.

  3. I usually only buy on necessity. I will invest a lot of time and money on staple items (black pants, black pumps, white button down, slim boot cut denim), and I’m a HUGE bargain shopper on trendier items and dresses. I used to buy thinks full price at Nordstroms/Macys and see them at Nordstrom Rack/Loehmanns’s for almost half the price!

    I sometimes reward myself with something new (like a race, or hitting a new goal, etc.)

  4. ittybitsofbalance

    I use this awesome website called that helps me to budget my spending for shopping, food, movies, and all the other areas of my life! Without it, I’m pretty sure I’d go over haha

    You should check it out πŸ˜€

  5. I am totally in the same boat as you – taking out loans for grad school and not working! I like Marshalls for clothing (still high quality designer stuff, but cheap!), and like you, I am really choosey about what I buy. I keep a running list of things that I need rather than just going out shopping for the afternoon and buying anything I think is cute (like I did when I was working full time!). I also spend more money on accessories because they can totally transform an outfit, and are generally cheaper!

  6. Ahh the pleasures associated with being a responsible adult. Tonnes of fun, right? πŸ˜‰ I’m moving into my own place real soon, so I’m definitely feelin’ ya on having to adjust how I shop. I try to hit up sales, and when it comes to food, I load up on staples when the things I need are at a lower price. For clothes, I ask myself if I reaaaaaally need the piece that I’m eyeing up, and invest in some good quality wardrobe staples that will never go out of style. But I still make sure to treat myself once in a while… ’cause it just feels good πŸ˜€

  7. I learned to control my spending, whether I had a paycheck coming in or not. I try to budget it, my bf and I never go out except to dinner, and we only do it sparingly, so we try to purchase one moderate priced item a month for ourselves (aka under $30). It usually works out for us. It kind of goes to your post from yesterday about the stress that worrying about what you’re eating causes you. If you’re only paying bills, food, and rent, then you never really have time to enjoy anything. And you’re stressed because you have no outlet. Thankfully my mom likes to be generous and buy me stuff when she visits, :]

  8. I’m not the best bargain shopper, so when I do shop, I spend a bit more than I would like to spend. But I’m a total cheapskate, so I only buy new clothes every now and then.

    However, now that I’ve gotten into running, I’ve been spending way too much money on running-related clothes, shoes, and accessories!! πŸ˜›

  9. I totally had to adjust my shopping habits in grad school. I went from working full time to making a stipend as a grad assistant, which really puts a damper on the bank account. Since the end is near I have been doing a lil too much shopping (as you can see from my nordstrom anniversary sale shopping spree from my guest post on courtney’s blog). I’ve been trying to reign it back in but I know I will be making money soon and I LOVE to shop. I’ve gotten into franchesca’s collection they have cute stuff for good prices. I also love forever 21 and h&m.

  10. The cookbook sounds great and with 4 kids to try and feed with two picky eaters among them. This cookbook certainly sounds very appealing. I will be checking it out.

  11. Thanks for featuring Charming Charlie in your blog!! We have added your blog to our blog mentions page on our website. It’s a page we created exclusively for showcasing Charming Charlie blog mentions!

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