8 Miles and Sports Bras

Happy Friday!!! πŸ˜€

Well, guys…I did it! I ran 8 miles today! This is a PDR for me. I took the run nice and slow, although I was able to run faster than I thought would be able to (go me!), and it felt pretty good until the last two miles. Those babies were tough. I could tell that my breathing was getting a bit faster, my knees were kind of hurting, and right at the end I started to get a horrible side stitch. BUT- I made it :).

I’m so freaking proud of myself! I also have felt like an old person all day…my body feels kind of weak and fragile, so rest is definitely happening tonight. And I’ve been as hungry as a horse. My lunch didn’t even fill me up for 20 minutes haha. Oh well, none of that matters because I did something I never thought I would be able to do! I’m just glad I don’t plan to run a half marathon…I think about 8 miles is the farthest I ever want to go and that is perfectly fine with me.


Anyway, this afternoon I went to the mall and bought a couple of much needed sports bras with a Victoria’s Secret gift card that I have. At this mall we have a VSX Sport store which carries all of Victoria’s Secret’s line of sporting wear.

I LOVE these bras! I can’t wait to workout in them. They are made of a sweat-wicking material and have cups and an underwire to keep the girls supported and to prevent a uni-boob look. These were very comfortable when I tried them on and are the VS Angel Sports Bra.

As I said, I desperately needed some new sports bras. I still have a couple that I wore in high school…yea, they’re that old haha. Also, over the past few years I have started to prefer ones that have a lot more support. I realize that I am not big-chested by any means, but I also don’t like it when the ladies bounce around every which way. That is just not the most comfortable thing in the world, and I also get somewhat self conscious.

I think a good sports bra is a necessary investment. I have found that when I wear cheaper ones with less support, I flop all over the place, and it kind of hurts afterward. That’s no fun. If I’m going to spend money on sportswear, I’d rather splurge on sports bras than tops. A lot of the workout tops with built-in bras are not supportive enough for me, so I tend to just wear my old t-shirts haha. I also like to have good shorts because I hate it when they are a material that shows and doesn’t wick away sweat (hello Soffe shorts…anyone remember those?) or when they ride up my thighs/butt. That’s why I really enjoy the Nike tempo running shorts…they fit me perfectly and I never need to adjust them when I’m exercising.

Now, you tell me…


Have you ever accomplished something with fitness that you didn’t think you’d be able to do? What was it?

Do you think it’s important to have a good sports bra? Why?


About In Sweetness and In Health

I'm Lindsay! I'm a 23 year-old graduate student in occupational therapy. I love all things health and fitness related and this blog will document my life as I learn to really love myself, try to stop worrying so much about my body, and truly take advantage of all the sweet things that life offers us.

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  1. 8 miles! That’s an amazing accomplishment! Congrats girl! πŸ™‚

    I NEVER thought I would be able to run a half marathon. I got into running in college, after being the most un-athletic girl ever in high school! Running the mile and a half that was required in gym class was seriously a challenge for me and i completely dreaded it.

    I don’t need a good sports bra because I’m pretty small up top and can get by with cheapie bras! haha

  2. Yay!! Great job!!!!

    Honestly, I never thought I’d be able to run one straight mile, and now I’m running 10! It’s amazing what our bodies can do when we push them (while still listening to them and not pushing “too” hard!).

    Congrats, Lindsay, on your accomplishment! Have a great Friday night!!

  3. Great job Lindsay, I am so proud of you girl!
    It is crazy how persistence and practice can really lead to genuine results… I never even used to be able to finish one mile!

  4. Congratulations on your long run! That is so great!

    I pretty much only wear Nike tempo shorts…I love them! I really need to buy new sports bras too. The majority of mine are old and the elastic is showing..and it’s just really not cute. That’s one thing I also wait to splurge on, because I figure “real bras” are more important to buy first…but since I spend several hours a week in the gym I just need to give in and buy them!

  5. !! Congrats on your 8 miles, girl! That’s amazing for sure πŸ˜€ I have this really nasty habit of always underestimating my abilities and telling myself I can’t do something even before I try it, which really needs to stop because it puts a big hamper in my motivation and how much I push myself. I never thought that I’d get into weight lifting, especially lifting heavy, but I’ve fallen in love with it and I can feel myself getting stronger and being able to lift more. I’m kind of addicted.

    And I definitely agree that a good sports bra is a MUST. I get most of mine from Lululemon, and really love them. No flopping pain when all’s said and done πŸ˜€

  6. Congrats on the 8 miles! That’s my goal! So far I’m up to four. πŸ™‚ Good workout wear is soo important. If things don’t fit right and I’m uncomfortable, I’m grumpy my entire workout. I actually like the cheap Danskin sports bras from Walmart. Don’t judge. lol They provide shape and support, but no padding or uniboobs. πŸ˜€

  7. congrats on 8 miles!!! that is amazing!! I can barely do 3 πŸ™‚ those bras look super comfy… I need some new ones. Mine are getting pretty old! I usually buy them when they’re on sale at target for $10 πŸ™‚

  8. Congrats on the 8 miles – welcome to the fun of long runs πŸ™‚ I’m never very particular about sports bras, there isn’t much flapping to be done for me!

  9. 8 miles, what an awesome accomplishment!! Go you!

    I totally still wear my Soffe shorts to bed. Never to work out though! They’d be up places I didn’t want them to be the whole time. My sports bras are all SO OLD. I need new ones desperately, but the girls are quite large so I want to get a good one. The problem is, all the extra supportive ones look like old woman bras. And non of them come in funky colors!

  10. Well well, look at your sexy new header!!!

    I think it is HUGELY important to have a good sports bra. Especially for those who have big nungas πŸ˜‰ This definitely impacted how I felt about cardio activities in high school – I didn’t realize the importance of having a good bra and I was self conscious! Once I got my first decent, supportive sports bra, I was down with running! I think it’s a touchy subject for coaches (male especially) to bring up to young girls, which is a shame.

    Those bras look pretty good, I think they could tame my tatas!!!

    Congrats on your run, you crazy running fool! πŸ™‚

  11. I have been wearing 2 sports bras with every run since the 8th grade, so I’m definitely particular when it comes to sports bras! Ha I’m totally opposite from you though, I don’t want any underwires, extra support, shaping… I just want plain cotton racer back (in a fun color of course!) But whatever you like, I totally agree that being comfortable is extremely important.
    Congrats on your 8 miles! You inspire me to run this morning πŸ™‚ I love making tough goals for myself- one day I’m going to do an IronMan!

  12. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Great job on the 8 mile run, Lindsay! You have all the reason in the world to be proud of yourself.

    I definitely need to invest in some new sports bras too. Luckily, I don’t have too much boobage to allow for much flying around in the first place (sorry, TMI?) but I still need to protect the little that I do have haha πŸ˜€

  13. That sports bra looks really cute. I need some new ones because mine are getting pretty old too. I have one that is probably a good 10 years old 😦

  14. CONGRATS!! long runs are my favorite ❀
    if you came up to me when i was 7 years old and told me i'd be a varsity cross country runner all 4 years of high school, i probably wouldn't have believed you. i fell in love with running in 8th grade and have been doing it ever since. and my PDR is 11.11 miles, I was pretty excited about that πŸ™‚
    i think at least one good sports bra is definitely important. not only does it give good support but it can make you feel good too! i'm all about getting confidence points wherever i can… who isn't!?

  15. Congrats on the 8 mile run!!! That is amazing! Oh an I still have some old high school bras… it’s only been 10 years… they’ve still got some life left in them I thin πŸ™‚

  16. congrats on the run!
    and totally to good sports bra though a bit difficult for me to find since not many come in 38DD’s that actually do the job! a few I’ve tried succeeded but not many 😦

  17. Running 8 miles is pretty impressive respect.

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