Walk it Out

Hi friends :).

Yesterday was my first day of my last day of school! After this school year, there will be no more classes!!! Eeee that’s exciting!

One thing that I will miss about being on a college campus though, is all of the walking that occurs.

The school I went to in undergrad was a “college town” and therefore you could walk pretty much everywhere. I walked to class, to the gym, to the dining halls, to the bars, etc. I think the only times I really drove were to the grocery store and when the weather was bad.

My grad school is in more of an urban area and so less walking occurs, but it definitely still happens. My roommates and I walk to class every single day and the gym we joined is like a minute walk from our apartment.

I like walking as a means of transportation. It gives me an excuse to get off my ass and get the blood circulating. So many people, myself often included, go to the gym and get a great workout in and then sit on their butts for the rest of the day. I know that whenever I have gone home for breaks, I end up sitting way more than I do while I’m at school. Part of that is because I live in suburbia and you have to drive to anywhere you want to go.

Sitting all day long isn’t good for anyone…even for those of us who do exercise most days of the week. Being sedentary for too many hours of the day can be bad for your heart and it can be bad for the hips, spine, and shoulders. Exercising and having an active lifestyle aren’t necessarily the same thing. It’s important to keep moving during the day, even after a workout, and walking is one of the simplest and cheapest ways you can do that.

So yes, I will miss the built-in activity that occurs during my days when I leave school. I guess I’ll just have to be more cautious about how many hours of the day I am sedentary and remind myself to make a conscious effort to move my booty in one way or another :). Thankfully the career I’m pursuing will allow me to be on my feet during the workday…otherwise if I had an office job I think I would seriously consider investing in one of these:


Also, the fabulous Sarah tagged me with the Versatile Blogger award the other day :). Thank you pretty lady!

This is like the blissful blogger post I did last week in that I’m supposed to provide you with 7 facts about myself…so I’ll just give you 7 more!

7 Random Facts about Moi

  1. I wear glasses for reading.
  2. I barely have an arch…I’m pretty much flat-footed.
  3. The thumbnail on my right hand is my second one. I smashed my thumb in a door when I was 5 and broke it. Doctors had to remove the nail, so a second one grew in.
  4. One of my front teeth is “dead”. I got hit in the face with a soccer ball while I had braces on and it killed the tooth. Thankfully it’s not black because my dentist decided to bleach it on the inside after I had a root canal :D.
  5. When I was little, I liked to pretend that my bike was a horse.
  6. My hands get cold really easily.
  7. Sometimes, I turn red when all of the attention is on me and I don’t want it to be or I don’t expect it….and that in itself is embarrassing haha.

Now, I nominate anyone who wants to do this!! Seriously, you are all awesome :).

Tell me a random fact about yourself!


Do you like to walk everywhere?

If you have a sedentary job, how do you fit in extra activity?


About In Sweetness and In Health

I'm Lindsay! I'm a 23 year-old graduate student in occupational therapy. I love all things health and fitness related and this blog will document my life as I learn to really love myself, try to stop worrying so much about my body, and truly take advantage of all the sweet things that life offers us.

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  1. I am in the camp who works out for an hour and then sits all day! It’s the nature of my job…I wouldn’t get a lot of work done if I was walking around away from my desk all day long. I try to stand up while talking on the phone, drink lots of water for extra bathroom breaks, and make it a point to get up and go over to someone’s office when I need something (rather than yell at them from my desk ;))
    Though sometimes I am lucky and get to be out at sporting events, and then I do a lot of walking.

    I miss school for so many things, and you’re right, walking around the campus is definitely one of them!

    Random fact…I have a scar on my pinky finger from a muskie (a big, bad fish) bite. I caught him and went to take him off the hook and he jumped up and BIT ME! Jerk.

  2. I would go completely crazy if I had a job where I sit all day!! Unfortunately, lately i’ve been going to the gym and then heading to the library and sitting and doing work all day 😦 I have to do it for classes, but once I’m done with classes and actually working I’ll be moving around a whole lot!

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I know what you mean completely! Since being back at school, I’ve been walking SO much more because I need to do it to get anywhere. It actually isnt such a great thing sometimes because if I walk a lot one day, I’ll use it as an excuse to say that I’ve already been active for the day 😀

  4. Awe, Lindsay, you are the cutest! I used to pretend that I had an imaginary friend just because I thought I should try it out. I mean, I knew there wasn’t anyone there, but everyone else had an imaginary friend, so why not? It wasn’t for me. 😉

    When I was teaching, I loved not having to sit at a desk all day since I was up and moving around to work with students. Now that I work from home, it’s a lot harder. I try to make myself get up at least every hour to do something!

  5. Ok, I really want that treadmill desk. I sit at a desk ALL day long and it gets pretty old. I usually workout in the morning before work which helps. I also try and take walks throughout the day to stretch my legs.

  6. I miss walking all over campus. I walked sooooo much, and I loved every bit of it (except cold, rainy days). I try to squeeze in 1 or 2 10-minute walks at work on my lunch break or in the afternoon, but it’s definitely not enough. I never got the freshman 15, but the sedentary desk job 15 might be on it’s way. 😦

  7. I am just like you and LOVE walking so so much. As a teacher I get to move around more than most jobs but still somedays I feel like a sloth. That treadmill desk is AMAZING, I want it now. LOVE learning more about you;)

  8. I used to walk everywhere as an undergrad! I miss it. I thought my current program would entail more walking than it does but honestly I end up sitting most of the day. I’m thinking about changing career paths though, so we’ll see what I come up with!

  9. Is it really weird that I used to pretend my bike was a horse too? Because I like horses, but they scared the daylights out of me…

  10. i need that treadmill/desk set up!! This is my first “sit for 5 straight hours” job and i cannot stand it and let me tel you, you are 100% right – my back has never been so achy

  11. Lol omigosh I totally want one of those treadmill desks! How amazing would that be! I love walking too, and I do as much of it as I can. The campus I went to was pretty much a “walk everywhere” kind of deal too, which was awesome when the weather was nice, but not so awesome in the middle of winter lol. I don’t have a sedentary job now, but I DO spend too much time sitting in front of the computer sometimes, so I always take mini breaks to either do some pushups, jumping jacks, or a quick jog around the house to get my heart rate up a bit, and get my blood pumping. I find that it helps keep me awake. If I spend too much time sitting, I just get really, REALLY, tired.

  12. I sit at a desk ALL day ….and I get antsy all the time. So I get up and walk around the block as often as I can by powering through a ton of work and taking a quick break. Running in the morning and a light workout/walk in the evening keeps my legs from getting achy.

  13. I, too, miss being able to walk all over the place when I was in college. Now I have more of a sedentary job, and I’m not a fan of sitting all the time. I make sure I get up to move and walk around every half hour or so. Every few hours, I’ll shut my office door and do jumping jacks to get my heart rate up. I probably would look hilarious if anyone saw me, but it helps! 🙂

  14. Sara @ The Foodie Diaries

    I LOVED all of the walking I did when I was in college. We wlaked to the bars, to the library, to the gym, to football games! It was so convenient! Now that I’m back home (until I move to Rhode Island in 11 days, ahhhh!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) I drive everywhere and we rarely walk! It’s so spread out! I really miss the days of walking, not only was it a good way to stay in shape but walking always gave me a couple minutes whether it be 5 or 25, to just reflect and think.

  15. I love walking and if I lived in a more walkable place, I would walk everywhere! I do have a sedentary desk job and I just try to get up and get tea or water throughout the day to move around a little bit.

  16. I completely agree! I’m a teacher assistant, so I’m constantly walking around the classroom. I couldn’t imagine sitting behind a desk all day. When I come home I work out and busy myself around the house. I don’t really sit down until after dinner is eaten and the kitchen is clean to watch some Tv!

  17. I love learning funny little tid-bits like this about bloggers. One time, in elementary school, we all had to write something nice about our classmates for valentine’s day. Then the teacher read them aloud. One of mine was “Kiah is cute when she is embarrassed.” Guess what happened?? Yeah, I turned bright red, and everyone laughed 🙂

  18. I completely understand what you are saying here! I walk sooo much more when I am at school because my campus is humongous and plus I live literally on top of a hill (I am out of breath every time I have to return to my building haha). I do like it though, as it gives me a chance to move my body around after sitting in class for an extended period of time. One of my worst fears is having to sit at a desk all day 😦 I really couldn’t imagine doing that!
    My hands get quite cold too, the winter is brutal on them!

  19. I completely understand what you are saying here! I walk sooo much more when I am at school because my campus is humongous and plus I live literally on top of a hill (I am out of breath every time I have to return to my building haha). I do like it though, as it gives me a chance to move my body around after sitting in class for an extended period of time. One of my worst fears is having to sit at a desk all day 😦 I really couldn’t imagine doing that!
    My hands get quite cold too, the winter is brutal on them!!

  20. The Coffee Crazed Teacher

    I would definitely go crazy at a desk job. I had one in college and would constantly get up and do laps around the building for some exercise. I DO NOT enjoy sitting all day. Which is why I am a teacher and barely ever sit I guess. 🙂 The downside to that is teachers have a higher rate of developing spider veins because of it, boo.

    I also have a dead front tooth. I wish my dentist was as smart as yours was! Mine is dead and discolored because of it. I have to get it professionally whitened if I want it to look normal and I am too scared of dentists to do so.
    Oh and I also get super red with attention. It is not a fun trait 🙂

  21. My job isn’t totally sedentary, but I do mostly sit. However, I also have to travel from school to school with all of my test kits, so I get a lot of exercise lifting and carrying things throughout the day! 😉

    Speaking of getting off your butt, I will need to do that starting tomorrow … I have been enjoying my birthday celebration for almost a week now haha. I think it’s time to put down the ice cream and get back into the gym! 😉

  22. healthycollegegirl

    walking around campus is seriously my FAVORITE thing about college (well, maybe 🙂 ) my new university is probably 3 times my previous one, so i definitely get a bit more of a workout in by walking to class. it’s awesome! keeps me awake and ready for the day.

  23. I love that desk/treadmill get-up! So funny yet kind of necessary at times 😉

    My hands get cold really easily too and turn kind of white. My brother makes fun of me for saying “my fingers are white!!” but it’s true! They lose all color even if it’s like 50 degrees.

  24. The one thing I miss about college is walking. Especially walking outdoors on breaks. I now sit in an office, staring at a computer screen, for 8 hours a day…it’s a tough adjustment. I try to take a 10 minute walking break at lunch, and then a couple of other short walking breaks later in the afternoon. I also workout before or after work, and go for a walk with my boyfriend after dinner, if time allows. I wish I had one of those desks with a treadmill..my boss and I were just discussing how we really need those at work, because sitting makes us so tired!

  25. I just graduated from college so I’ve moved from the active/walking lifestyle to the sedetary, 9-5, sitting all day life. So far, I’m having a really hard time adjusting! I’ve actually considered reaching out to HR to ask them if I could get a standing desk haha

  26. I love the fact that I’m walking everywhere at my college campus (univ of southern california). I think I walk at least 3 miles a day just going to-and-from my classes!

    When I worked this summer at a chiropractic office, I made sure to walk about 10 minutes to a different place before sitting down to eat my lunch. Then the walk back to work was another 10 minutes. And if I had extra time, I would walk around the neighborhood even more before heading back to work. Another good tip is working out right before work, then you feel like you haven’t been sedentary ALL day necessarily 🙂

  27. thats kinda why i like working from home, i can take those walk breaks whenever. I’ve actually never had a real 9-5 job. Crazy I know. And I’ve been out of college for 7 years. wow, thats even scarier!

  28. Walking is one of the things I miss most about college! There was lots of sitting in the library and class… but walking everywhere made it all even out. Now I have a desk job and its awful! I get antsy and try to take “laps” around the building. I need that treadmill desk!

  29. OMG I LOVE WALKING! i walk everywhere, to the store, running errands, buying groceries- it’s my stress relief, my exercise, my therapy ❤ ❤

  30. I could not agree with you MORE on this! I work out 5-6 times a week, but I also have a desk job and sit for 8+ hours a day. It is HARD on me. I have set a timer that goes off every hour and I walk around the office, up and down the stairs a few times and do some stretching. It has been great since I started doing that. Awesome post!

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