Describing Myself

Okay, is it just me or can anyone else believe that it’s already Wednesday?? It’s crazy! But I’m not complaining- it only means that Friday is closer :D.

Thank you all for weighing in on Monday’s post and giving me ideas about how I can decide whether or not my hunger is real! I really appreciate it!

So, in several of my courses this semester we’ve already been asked or will be doing an assignment where we have to describe ourselves. To be more specific, last week we had to write down 3 things that best expressed our personalities for an in-class “get to know you” session. For an upcoming assignment I will have to write a self-reflection paper on what I think my current communication styles are, and strengths and weaknesses that I see in how my personality and communication style will impact my interaction with others.

Here’s the thing though….I’ve realized that I have a really hard time describing myself.


Actually, I’ve always found it challenging to do this, but I think I just finally realized it haha.

On applications, in interviews, when people ask me direct questions, etc. I struggle to think about who I am and to find words that describe me, and elaborate about my qualities or the things that make me who I am.

In fact, this is slightly embarrassing to admit, but in this survey I had to ask my mom for ideas of words that she would use to describe me and some of the things I should be proud of accomplishing.

Perhaps I have trouble doing this because I see myself as being multidimensional, and I don’t want to label myself as something when I feel like I only own that quality under certain instances. I feel like there are a lot of pieces that put me together, and trying to narrow it down to several is hard. I also am very aware of things that I’ve accomplished and I am proud of myself, but “bragging” about the things I’ve done or putting myself in the spotlight is not something I’ve ever been comfortable with.


I think the real reason I have difficulty describing myself though, is because I don’t do enough “reflection” in my life. Up until having this blog I’ve never been a diary keeper of sorts. I’ve always lived through moments and experiences and yes, I think about them (sometimes way too much) but do I really reflect on how they impacted me? Not usually. I like to hold things in and bottle up how they make me feel. I’ve always been this way, and I have definitely been pushing myself to open up…but that can be a very hard and daunting task.

I’m starting to realize, though, how beneficial it would be to be able to describe myself. I think it would enable me to be a more confident person (because duh, I would know who I am :)) and it could help me learn from my mistakes and successes so that I can become a better person. Um, I like the sound of both of those things! Perhaps I should start journaling? I’ll have to think of ways that I can reflect on myself and my life.


I hope you all have a fantastic hump day! And I apologize if this post is kind of rando…it’s just something that I’ve been thinking about!


Are you good at describing yourself?

How often do you reflect on your life? How do you go about it?


About In Sweetness and In Health

I'm Lindsay! I'm a 23 year-old graduate student in occupational therapy. I love all things health and fitness related and this blog will document my life as I learn to really love myself, try to stop worrying so much about my body, and truly take advantage of all the sweet things that life offers us.

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  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I always struggled with these kind of assignments too– it’s kind of like you don’t want to say a word that will make someone say “THATS NOT YOU!”, but if you get too deep then you might end up revealing some of the things that arent too great haha. At least thats how I would look at it.

    It would be a great idea for you to start a journal! I have one, and it’s a very useful tool when you have emotions to express, but no way to express them.

  2. I have a really hard time describing myself too, but I also have a hard time describing others. I find it really difficult to capture a moment, a personality, even a taste or flavor, in just one or two words. It’s something I am trying to work on, and I have been contemplating journaling to help!! I actually bought a composition book for that purpose, I just haven’t written anything yet.

    I think this assignment could be really interesting from the aspect that you probably describe yourself differently than someone else does. Perhaps it’ll help to try to envision yourself from the eyes of an outsider and think about how they would describe you? Good luck!

  3. I have a really hard time describing myself. I’ve always hated that part of interviews because I never know exactly what to say. I have tried writing now things I like about myself that that definitely helps. I begin to realize what my qualities are and that allows me to be more confident in me.

    Journaling can be very therapeutic. You should definitely try it πŸ™‚

  4. I’m good at describing parts of myself, but I’m always changing. In different contexts, I act like a totally different person. I even act differently around certain friends. There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s good to adapt. I guess I do have some long-standing values though, like I’m always punctual, loyal, and trustworthy.

  5. The Coffee Crazed Teacher

    I am very bad at describing myself. Actually just on Monday night I was in a new group setting and we were told to describe ourselves with three adjectives. I was stumped. I sat there for forever saying “I really don’t know what to say” and hated every minute of it.

    I self-reflect just about every moment of every day. I am constantly going over situations that happened and how I reacted or what I said and making notes of what I should/shouldn’t have done.
    The best way that I have found to reflect is journaling, or blogging now, I have found myself more aware of who I am. I would try it if you have the time!
    Not that it has helped ME with describing myself, per Monday night.

  6. I definitely struggle when it comes to trying to describe myself. And I do a lot of personal reflection, so I don’t think it’s because I don’t know what to say, but just that I have a hard time talking about myself in general… especially when it comes to talking about my strengths, because I don’t want to make it seem like I’m bragging. Actually, I find it kind of sad that, in general, we’re so quick to acknowledge our flaws, and so timid about being proud of our strengths. We’re always told to be humble, but there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging, and taking pride in, the things that we excel at too!

  7. what class is this for?? I’m going to be teaching an interpersonal communication course and i’m going to have my students do something similar!

    As for me – i think im pretty good at describing myself and i use my blog a lot for reflection – reading other blogs helps put me in check and helps motivate me to just live a more wholesome life (as cheesy as that sounds)

  8. I really like this post Lindsay! Honestly, I think a lot of people have a hard time describing themselves unless they spend a lot of time reflecting upon decisions and reactions, which most individuals don’t. I think journalling would be awesome though, like a written journey of self discovery – know that sounds really cheesey but yeah, it would give you confidence. This post has sort of made me think about doing the same, I often reflect but am rubbish at describing myself, it’s usually easier to ask someone else!

  9. I’m horrible at describing myself!! It’s something I really need to work on… The one word that always pops into mind is stubborn, so to make it more positive sounding I say “determined”….. works for me πŸ™‚

  10. I love this post! Definitely got me thinking…I’m horrible at describing myself. I usually land on caring…at least I hope people think of me that way!

  11. It’s always difficult! I don’t think I’m necessarily a different person around when I’m with various groups – but I do behave a little differently. It’s tough for sure!

  12. Journalling is a great idea! Writing things out really helps me solidify them.

  13. I have such a hard time with this too! Not only do I not like to brag about my accomplishments, but I have a really hard time seeing myself and my skills like other people do. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  14. I would have to describe myself as random. LOL. πŸ˜‰ In a good way!

  15. I think I would struggle with this too. It’s like that interview question, “Tell me about yourself” or “Describe yourself in 3 words.” I always hated those.
    I do try to be reflective though and find it to be a positive experience. Mostly I do it through blogging where I’ll set goals and then reflect on them a bit later. Or just simply using writing as a way to reflect on the day and my thoughts.

  16. I think I would be okay at describing myself…but I don’t know if I could describe myself in just 3 things. You are right about the blogging though, it is helping me realize who I am!
    Sometimes I feel like I can describe myself well in interviews and stuff only because I am a good bullshitter. I don’t know if I am actually describing myself, it is more telling them what they want to hear.
    Hm. I think I need to start doing some reflection…

  17. I’m good at describing myself in silly ways … but for a resume or interview, not so much!

    Unless I want to say in an interview, “I’m a loud, outgoing, silly blonde who doesn’t always get the joke!” πŸ˜‰

    Think I’d get the position?? Haha!

  18. I’m also not so great at describing myself, I always feel like I’m bragging! I starting journaling at the beginning of this summer and I love it! I never thought I had the time for it but I find myself always writing and reflecting in it.

  19. I didn’t used to be good at describing myself, but I believe I am now…because I am more “in touch” with my emotions. I am trying to figure out who I am as a person (whatever that means) so I want to be able to describe myself accurately

  20. Up until very recently I’ve had the same problem as you when it comes to thinking about/describing myself. And I’m still working very hard at correcting this behaviour. It’s not always easy, but it is definitely worth it (especially when it comes to confidence).

    I go about it by first simply addressing and thinking about whatever is happening with myself. I think about it as much as I can until I come to a conclusion or road block. After that I talk about it with somebody I trust. Getting another persons perspective on whatever I’m going through helps me to see things in other ways, and determine whether or not I am looking at things correctly. If I’m not, I rethink things and again talk about them, repeating this process til I feel I have it worked out. If I am then I’ve accomplished something and I can move on to the next thing. Things always change too, so I while I may work something out I always try to keep in mind that it is likely temporary, and if something changes I won’t be so afraid and upset about not having had it ‘all figured out’.

  21. Your so beautiful girl!

    I say its pretty easy to describe myself, Heart of Gold, Kind, Funny, and thoughtful! Just some words : )

    I reflect on my life *every day* I think every day I think or experience something that I reflect on : )

    Have a great day! xoxo ❀

  22. its funny how blogging can make you stop and reflect on life. I think its a good thing. We can really dig deep and “grow” into ourselves. I just happen to like you the way you are too!

  23. That question in interviews is always an awkward one (along with “tell me what your strengths and weaknesses are”….I hate that one!)

    I love how blogging allows self reflection…it’s certainly helped me do that!

  24.’s so nice to know how you describing yourself…let it be…actually i take it this know me better…for me i think i’m a girl who are always thinking of changes of being a woman..hahah..funny but its so true,,,

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