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Hi friends! Happy Saturday!

I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far. So, somehow I’ve been very fortunate these past few weeks and I’ve been contacted by several companies to review products and host giveaways for you guys. And guess what, I have ANOTHER one for you today :).

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Rocco DiSpirito, but he’s written several “Now Eat This!” cookbooks. He very recently has come out with a new healthy eating guide book called Now Eat This! 100 Quick Calorie Cuts At Home/On The Go”.

Now Eat This! 100 Quick Calorie Cuts At Home/On The Go has a bunch of tips and tricks on how to reduce calories  when cooking and eating at-home or when dining out with friends. It provides new tips and showcases recipes from his previous books Now Eat This! and New York Times Best Seller Now Eat This! Diet.

This is technically a supplement book to his weight-loss program because it helps remove at least 100 calories from any dish. BUT, while this book could be great for someone who is trying to lose weight, people like me who aren’t could easily use it to make certain dishes healthier!

You could head to to order your copy and learn how to cut the calories, but here’s your chance to win a pristine signed copy direct from Rocco himself!

Rocco has hooked me up with 2 signed copies of Now Eat This! 100 Quick Calorie Cuts At Home/On The Go to give away to my readers!!


Here’s how you can win your own copy:

Mandatory: Comment on this post and share the following- “How do you cut out the extra calories on a daily basis?”

Extra ways to win:

Follow Rocco on twitter and leave a comment saying you did!

Like Rocco on facebook and leave a comment saying you did!

Tweet about the giveaway: “I want to win @RoccoDiSpirito’s new book from @SweetNHealthy! Enter here: #WinNET100”. Leave a comment!

The contest will end on Saturday, October 29th. I’ll randomly pick two winners and announce them on Sunday October 30th!

Even if you don’t win, Rocco shares exclusive healthy tips from his latest cookbook and recipes from his Twitter account.


*Please note that the contest is open to US residents only.


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  1. I cut calories throughout the day by not including a lot of extra butter or oils to my food!

  2. I like to replace oil with apple sauce, to use almond milk as my primary “milk” choice, and keep my desserts in the fruit family. Best for a sweet tooth like myself…

  3. This time of the year, I try to cut calories by coming up with healthy alternatives to my favorite Starbucks seasonal treats!! I’ve been ordering pumpkin syrup in my coffee rather than pumpkin spice lattes.

  4. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  5. Rocco is quite easy on the eyes, I will just say.

    I cut calories by using almond milk instead of whole milk, rounding out my meals with lots of veggies, use lean meat and eat whole grain pasta, bread, rice, etc. Fun times.

  6. I’m following the Roccster on Twitter!

  7. Annnnd I tweeted.

    Have a great weekend Lindsay!

  8. I cut out unnecessary calories by doing my best to snack less! I often ruin meals by snacking wayyy too much before them, and then eat dinner anyway- excess calorie action. I know I shouldn’t worry too much, but I want to actually sit down and enjoy my meals 🙂

  9. Rocco is indeed easy on the eyes, I like him on FB now!

  10. I cut out extra calories by only drinking water 🙂

  11. and i tweeted about the giveaway.

  12. To try and cut calories I focus on portion control!

  13. Tiff @ love sweat & beers

    Cool! I cut calories by trying to not drink them (except for a few beers on the weekend).

  14. Tiff @ love sweat & beers


  15. When I cut out calories at parties or gatherings, I try to eat things that I normally would never get at home on a regular basis. I try to just eat things that would be “special items” and only eat a few bites to make sure that I actually enjoy what I am eating and am not just eating useless calories.

  16. Following Rocco on Twitter!

  17. Liked Rocco of facebook!

  18. Tweeted! @lifeafterswim

  19. I make sure not to drink too many caloric drinks and to keep portion sizes down. : )

  20. followed him on twitter!

  21. Tweeted about the giveaway!

  22. I cut calories by drinking lots and lots of water instead of high sugary drinks!(:

  23. Julia @ The Coffee Crazed Teacher

    I cut the calories by only drinking water. It is NOT worth it to my to drink my calories and sugar. I have come to LOVE water and drink tons of it now!

  24. Julia @ The Coffee Crazed Teacher

    Following him on FB 🙂

  25. I use hummus on my salads instead of dressing.

  26. How I cut calories: I measure everything to make sure I’m not underestimating portion sizes. I use my measuring cups and spoons all the time!

  27. I followed Rocco!

  28. I liked Rocco on facebook!

  29. One big way I cut calories is by eating my calories rather than drinking them, meaning I drink plain filtered water 95% of the time. I feel so much better when I’m hydrated!

  30. I use almond milk for everything I used to use regular milk in – definitely cuts the calories!

  31. an easy way i cut calories is using egg beaters instead of real eggs…..they are less messy and quicker too!

  32. I cut out extra calories by getting rid of extra sauces or toppings that I don’t need. I also cut out extra calories by not drinking alcohol.

  33. I liked Rocco on Facebook

  34. I’m following Rocco on Twitter!

  35. I drink a lot of water, and I use spray butter instead of the real thing.

  36. I’m now following Rocco on Twitter!

  37. I tweeted about the contest 🙂

  38. Awesome giveaway! I think I save a lot of calories by not going overboard with condiments – things like a sandwich loaded with full-fat mayo can really add up!

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