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Woo hoo I’m so happy that it’s Thursday. I had a quiz yesterday and after I turn in an assignment this morning I have no more hw or tests for a little bit! You know what that means?? That I can actually relax over Thanksgiving break and enjoy my time at home :D.

I have a bit of a confession to make. I’m getting burned out on school. Like big time burned out! Don’t get me wrong, I still love the field I’m going into and the things I’m learning, but all of the reading, studying, assignments, projects, and tests are finally getting to me!

I guess it kind of makes sense considering I’m going on my 6th straight year of higher education. School is draining! I have never been more ready to be out there in the real world. When the day comes that I won’t have to study for another test or write another paper or do some random assignment will be so amazing!

I honestly realized all of this the past few days. I think I’ve known deep down that I’m experience some burnout, but studying for the quiz I had yesterday seemed to really enlighten me. I just couldn’t bring myself to study that much. I kept trying to sit down and look at the material but I would find myself getting incredibly distracted.

That can happen anytime you say? I know, and it has happened to me before, but the difference is that this time I just didn’t really care. And that is so not like me! I have always cared about my grades and working hard. It’s just a part of who I am. But right now all I feel like doing is getting through school. Passing. Making it. Finishing.

That is not the attitude to have. Especially if I don’t want to be miserable until May (when I’m done with the academic part of my degree). Now, I don’t necessarily want to pressure myself to get perfect grades. That’s just unrealistic and I would like to have some semblance of a life. But, I also want to care about what I’m doing. I don’t like this burnout feeling. And the sucky thing about it is that it’s not like I’m burned out with a job and I can quit and find a new one. I can’t quit school. I don’t want to either because I love what my career will be….I just don’t love the school part of getting there haha.

Let’s just hope that Thanksgiving break will rejuvenate me for the remaining part of the semester and then winter break can rejuvenate me for my final semester!


Anyway, enough complaining. I just wanted to share with you the active recovery workout that Chris and I did while at the workout park in Florida.

An active recovery workout is one that is low in intensity and low in volume. The goal is get the blood moving in the muscles you have worked and that are recovering. Also an active recovery workout can also help loosen up tight muscles that are stiff.

Active Recovery Workout:

Complete on a playground or outdoor workout park/gym

Repeat each circuit 3 times

Circuit 1:

  • Body weight squats: 30 reps
  • Planks with arms on bench, bring legs to chest: 1 minute

Circuit 2:

I hope you guys have an awesome Thursday!!

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Have you ever experienced burnout? What did you do about it?

Do you ever do active recovery workouts? What do they look like?


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I'm Lindsay! I'm a 23 year-old graduate student in occupational therapy. I love all things health and fitness related and this blog will document my life as I learn to really love myself, try to stop worrying so much about my body, and truly take advantage of all the sweet things that life offers us.

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  1. I’ve definitely had burnout before, with everything — school, work, fitness… life, ha! I think taking a mental break can really help, so hopefully Thanksgiving will let you recharge your batteries!

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    That workout looks pretty great! And it’s even better knowing that it came from an official personal trainer (Chris) haha

    Girl, I give major props to you for doing 6 straight years of higher education. I’m just getting into my 4th and I already have senioritis to the max! So what happens after May, do you have some kind of clinical to do?

  3. I did 7 years of school (including my Masters) so I know it can be exhausting! Sunday nights I still worry sometimes that I didn’t get my all of my weekend homework done – but then I remember I’m in the working world now. You’ll be there soon enough! 🙂

  4. I am in 100% relation to this right now, thank you thank you thank YOU for being open about it. I know exactly how yo ufeel. When I graduate in January I just feel like I don’t want to do anything that has to do with my major at ALL cause I feel like it’s been so far shoved down my throat 😦 Ugh! Anyways! Here’s to regaining motivation and starting fresh 😀


  5. I know exactly what you’re feeling. And if I continue on my path, I have another 5 years (or so) of school with NO winter break, no snow days, no summer break, and minimal other holidays. Hang in there, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

  6. I’ve certainly had burnout. In alot of areas of life. Most recently in parenting. But the thing is, the end result will be worth it!! My kids will be smart, happy and well taken care of. And I’ll look back on this time with sweet memories!

  7. Oh girl, I can totally relate. Except I got burned out long before I made it to grad school. By the time of my senior year of undergrad rolled around, I knew right away grad school was not going to be in the near future. I just needed a break. I was never one to dislike school, and I’ve always a very determined person, so I knew I just needed a break. I’m sure Thanksgiving break will help a ton. Just relax and enjoy yourself! You’ll end up finishing strong, I’m sure!

  8. yes totally – my last semester of undergrad… my last semester of graduate school…. and now in my day-job — I’m wanting to go back for my PhD !! Haha… you’ll get through it ! This too shall pass, right?

    Great outdoor workout – I will actually bookmark this and try it over the holiday break when I have no gym access!!

  9. I’ve been burned out since high school. Haha -__- I know that sounds ridiculous but I blame it on being so pressured to do awesome in high school, taking AP, honors, etc to get into a good college. Then finally in college, I have even more work and studying. I always try my best but like right now (I have a test tomorrow) I am procrastinating like no other! You are soo close to the real world though, you can do it! Thanksgiving break then winter break will be just what we need:D

  10. Oh, doll, I’m sorry you’re burned out. It’s understandable! Just know that it happens to everyone and it will all be worth it when you get through it! When I get burned out, I try to carve out some “me” time to just veg out and watch a movie or read a book or just spend some time with family. It always seems impossible–like I don’t have time to be relaxing like that!–but I think it makes you more productive in the long run. Recharged batteries work much better than drained!

  11. Sorry to hear school’s been getting tough! I remember that from college days- every year around Nov-Dec it started to become very stressful with tons of essays due and finals coming up. Good luck with everything 🙂

  12. Being in school always has a burn out time…all the best girly 🙂

  13. Oh yes, I definitely experienced burnout during grad school. I really don’t have much advice. Just be encouraged by the fact that you have a nice, long break coming up! You just have to keep trucking through the tough times because when you’re done, it will be completely worth it!

  14. Oh gosh I know exactly what you mean by being tired of school and feeling burnt out-I am feeling the same way myself! Everything I learn all just blurs together and feels like the same thing!!!

  15. Aw, sorry to hear about your burnout. But hopefully you know that you are not alone! School especially is SO. DRAINING. even more than work I think, because you are not getting paid for your efforts and your only reward is grades. When I was in my last year of college I just wanted so badly to be done, I started to not care as much as well. Hang in there! The Thanksgiving break will probably rejuvenate you, at least until Christmas! 🙂

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