Time to Get Back on Track

Happy Friday!!!

I hope you’ve all had a great week- I’m sure many of you are getting back into the swing of things. I however am still on my winter break…actually I will be on my winter break for almost 2 more weeks :).

I have been indulging like crazy these past few weeks and it’s finally starting to catch up with me. I feel a bit lethargic, bloated, and all around blahh. I’ve also been noticing that my sugar cravings have been much more intense than they normally are.

I definitely attribute all of this to the delicious foods that I’ve been letting myself eat. I do this every year, and consciously I’m completely fine with that. I think we should be able to indulge around the holidays. But, I’ve also felt a bit more guilty about doing so than I would like to admit. And that really bothers me. I really thought I was starting to get over some of those insecure feelings about my body.

I know that I always eat more in general and eat less healthy foods this time of year, and every year once I get back on track I’m fine. And guess what? Other than how I feel mentally (lethargic and bloated), my body never physically changes. I know this…so why do I feel guilty about it? I dunno, but I want to kick those feelings to the curb. And I’m also ready to start eating healthier again so that I can feel better all around!

I’m hoping that by saying it out loud (although not really, because I’m just typing it…but you know what I mean) I can be committed to this because honestly it’s sometimes easier said than done right? I know that the first couple of days of trying to cut back on the sweets and other junk food will be hard, but after that I will be good to go and feeling great!

Woooo…sorry about that little vent sesh. I just needed to get that out. Sometimes it’s easier for me to write out my feelings in order to make them more concrete for myself so that I can really work on them!

Anyway, on Wednesday night, Chris and I had a date night. We went to the Columbus Fish Market. This is a really awesome seafood restaurant and if you guys are ever in Columbus and looking for a good place to go I definitely suggest it!

Yesterday morning, after waking up and eating breakfast, we decided to go run the stairs at Hoover Reservoir. I counted the steps and there are 98 of them!

I tweeted about the stairs with my goal for the day: run them 10-12 times!

The most I’ve ever done before is running up the stairs 10 times.

Yesterday, I ran up them 13 times :D. I’m so proud of myself!

Chris on the other hand ran up them 15 times…he’s such a stud ;). Both of us had shaky legs at the end and were feeling the soreness throughout the day. Today my legs are dead and my calves are really sore! I’d say we had a pretty rockin’ workout!

And because I haven’t posted one in a while, I wanted to share a picture of Zoey. She’s such a cutie!

I hope you all have an awesome Friday! I’m going to attempt to shoot my first vlog for your guys today…wish me luck :D.



Have you felt any unnecessary guilt about indulging over the holidays? How do/did you get over it?

Do you ever run stairs for a workout?


About In Sweetness and In Health

I'm Lindsay! I'm a 23 year-old graduate student in occupational therapy. I love all things health and fitness related and this blog will document my life as I learn to really love myself, try to stop worrying so much about my body, and truly take advantage of all the sweet things that life offers us.

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  1. Those look like beautiful stairs to run! I know the stair climber at the gym kicks my butt!

  2. Love the Hoover Reservoir!

  3. wow thats a lot of stairs! congrats on the 13 times..that’s awesome!

  4. What a great workout, and it looked like fun too! And Zoey is a beautiful girl!

  5. Dang you’re a beast! What a fabulous set of stairs for working out!

  6. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    You pretty much just narrated my exact thoughts from about a week ago. Although I’ve made MAJOR strides with my mindset from this time a year ago, I still managed to feel a bit guilty about having my fair share of chocolate and sweets during Christmastime.

    I think it’s just a matter of practicing the positive thoughts, and realizing that we’re healthy for 90% of the year anyway! It’s just one little splurge season 🙂

    Thanks for being so honest in this post. Have a great day & enjoy your last two weeks of break, you lucky girl haha

  7. I bet you felt like Rocky running those stairs ; ) haha!

    You guys are SO sweet! Just think, soon you will be walking down the aisle to meet him at the end! YAY!

    Happy Friday love!

  8. WAHOO! GO you. 13 times?! 🙂

    I like doing stairs–makes me feel so good!

    As for getting on track, and eating to feel good, that is where it’s at! It’s totally cool to indulge, like you said, but once it feels icky, it doesn’t taste as good–at least for me. Cheers for a happy, healthy 2012!

  9. Way to go girl! Those stairs look like a kick your butt workout! 🙂

  10. I can always tell when I have fallen off the ‘healthy eating’ wagon! Even though my size or weight won’t change, I feel tired and bloated and just not myself. However, with that said, I don’t hold back during the holidays and try to completely enjoy myself!

    Great stair work! 🙂

  11. I’m glad you wrote about this – I definitely felt guilty this holiday season at times! I indulge in a little sweetness everyday but nothing like crazy so it’s hard to pushing negative thougts out when you feel like you indulged too much.

    Good for you for getting it on paper. That’s where u start!

  12. I had a tiny bit of regret but honestly its all aout balance and as long as you don’t stay off track, a holiday indulgance is no big deal!! 🙂

  13. I am so with you here Lindsay! We all know that holidays and LIFE are all about balance and we also know that we can get back to healthy eating. But it is still scary when we feel like it’s out of control for a bit there… once we see that we really can get back to a better place, then the “Freak out” feeling ebbs away

    Great workout too woman, you are a beast on those stairs 🙂 Although I can’t believe you let Chris beat you! 😉

  14. ohhh yes, i can relate all too well to your feelings of guilt after the holidays! i think the mental aspect of it is definitely the worst. i just try to cut down on sweets a lot, add more produce, and amp up my workouts a bit. after i do this for about a week, i feel back on track. you’ll be totally fine girl! 😉

  15. You can do this!! The first few days will be super hard, but then you’ll start feeling so much better!

  16. You can do this!! The first few days will be super hard, but then you’ll start feeling so much better!

  17. Oh that dreaded holiday indulgence every year it creeps up on you! I always tell myself to not let it happen, but it always does. Then I try to tell myself it’s only once a year, yet I still feel guilty about it. I would say I never really get over it until I work it off and lose that bloated feeling, till then I am always hard on myself. It’s a yearly battle! ha

    Those stairs look like one tortuous workout! Nice job! 13 times, that is incredible!

  18. I always feel some guilt around the holidays. My former binge habits come out around then, and I go way overboard. I always hope that sometimes I’ll be able to eat a normal amount, stop when I’m full, at family gatherings. But everyone groans and clutches their stomachs after our meals so I don’t feel too too bad!

    Awesome job on the stairs! About to get my lazy bum up and out to CrossFit.

  19. I felt a little guilty around the holidays but not too bad. I pretty much stayed on track the whole time!

  20. Mattie @ Comfy and Confident

    Ehhh the guilt. I definitely feel it. I wrote a post about this the other day. I also had to vent. I think it helps so much, just to get it out and put it in words. It lifts a weight of my shoulders and I feel like instead of thinking about it. I can actually act on it.

    Those stairs sound like an intense workout. And what a cool place do it! I’ve never been to the Hoover Dam but it’s def a place I want to go.

  21. I know what you mean about the holiday guilt. Even though I only gained a couple of pounds (which I know will naturally come off as I return to normal habits), what bothers me most is that I just feel kind of yucky afterwards. It’s a huge indication of just how important healthy eating is to keep you feeling energized! Not that we shouldn’t indulge over the holidays… it’s pretty much necessary 🙂 I’ve focused on eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies this past week and I think I’m finally feeling back to normal.

    P.S. Way to go on those stairs!

  22. Girl!! You totally echoed my thoughts regarding holiday guilt!! I have been eating WAY too much lately and have been majorly regretting it haha. Honestly though, I’m proud that I was able to just enjoy my time with family and Ryan without feeling like I had to restrict myself. Hey, it’s a new year, right?! 🙂

    You guys are awesome for running the stairs so many times!! I used to have to do that for track in middle school, but haven’t done it in years. May need to add that into my workout routine!

  23. You goooo girl! I’ve only done the stair master at the gym. Not exactly the same thing! I definitely felt myself craving sweets and all that stuff around the holidays because I let myself indulge. You will be back to normal in no time though, don’t sweat it!

  24. I for sure indulge around the holidays…especially in the sweets department. My grandma makes about 10 different kinds of goodies for Christmas and then INSISTS that we bring leftovers home. Who am I to argue?

    I definitely understand feeling the toll of the holiday indulgences…I usually gain a few pounds each year but they come off once I get back into my usual schedule. The skinny jeans are stayin in the closet for awhile. 😉

    And I actually run stairs in my house sometimes when I’m crunched for time or want a different kind of workout. I don’t have 98 stairs but it usually does the trick! Good job kicking those stairs’ butt(s?)!

  25. I indulged over he holidays too nd now I m getting back on track! Those fairs look awesome, wish I had some near me!

  26. i’m def gonna head over there and try those stairs out….we used to run them for crew and it was miserable 🙂 ps. love fish market. and love your dress! ps….let me know if you any wedding planning help! it’s been a few years but i can share the vendors we used with you and stuff if you have any questions

  27. I feel ya on the bloaty feeling haha. While on vacation, I didn’t worry and just enjoyed myself. And I felt fine for the majority of the time, until the last day of the trip. Then it all caught up to me and I just felt blah. So I’ve been back to my regular eating habits this week and feeling better. I still don’t feel back to my “normal” self, but I’m getting there! 😉

    Brandon and I will have to try that restaurant sometime! We love finding new places in Columbus (b/c let’s be honest, there’s NOTHING around here!).

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