My Perfect White Tank Top

Hi everyone!!

I want to thank you so much for your kind words on my post yesterday! You are all so sweet and you’re belief in me is seriously motivating! 😀

So I’m pretty excited about something…and it’s really a minor thing, but hey, getting amped up about the little things in life is fun! Over winter break I found the perfect white tank top to wear under things! I am a person that loves to wear tanks under my tees, long-sleeved tops, sweaters, and sweatshirts and I really like to have them show at the bottom.

I’ve always had a problem trying to find white tanks that are long enough for my torso, especially white ones for some reason. The ones I have usually ended up getting were not really long enough and they just bunch up right around the top of my pants- grrr.

Well, over break I went into Nordstrom and found my new favorite white tank top in their juniors department! It’s fitted, stretchy, and more importantly- long! I got a couple of them and I’ve been wearing them all the time (don’t worry, I’ve washed them ;)).

Can you spot Zoey in the background??

This tank is the BP. Double Scoop Neck Tank and comes in a bunch of different colors!


The only “bad” thing about this tank is that it isn’t a camisole, and so the straps aren’t thin. BUT, since I’m usually only wearing my white tanks under shirts with sleeves it’s fine! I think I’m going to have to invest in some more colors :).


Do you ever find that you’re hungrier after certain types of workouts? Like insanely hungry? Yesterday evening I completed a 25 minute tabata workout in my basement and basically felt ravenous the rest of the night. I typically feel this way after these kind of workouts, really challenging intervals, or a hard weight lifting session. So basically, when I really push myself and my body I seem to feel much hungrier- that must be saying something right? Gotta refuel the body so it can recover!

Speaking of working out, earlier this week I posted a new treadmill interval workout on my guest post for Kaitlyn and wanted to share it with you all!

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I definitely found this workout challenging, especially during those 30 seconds at 8.0mph…I just wanted to start walking haha. As always, feel free to adjust it since these are speeds that are challenging for me- you need to do what’s right for you!

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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Do you like to wear longer tanks like I do? Have you found your “perfect” one?

What types of workouts do you find yourself hungriest after?


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I'm Lindsay! I'm a 23 year-old graduate student in occupational therapy. I love all things health and fitness related and this blog will document my life as I learn to really love myself, try to stop worrying so much about my body, and truly take advantage of all the sweet things that life offers us.

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  1. Surprisingly enough, weight training rarely makes me all that hungry but I think the protein drink (powder and water) I consume immediately after really helps. I do find myself starving after a long run or a sweaty spin session though 🙂

  2. I always turn into a ravenous animal after leg day or tabata training. It’s like my tummy is a bottomless pit haha! 🙂

    That tank sounds great, I always like the longer ones that don’t ride up too!

  3. Pinned your workout. Definitely want to try it! =)

  4. I always wear tanks under my clothes, and love long ones too! I forget the brand but Von Maur has some awesome soft ones in a variety of colors! I definitely find that cardio makes me extra hungry! I was starving during half marathon training!

  5. i’m the same way with tanktops…i absolutely have to be wearing one under my shirts….except mine’s usually black. i’ve actually found some i really like with wider straps like yours at target.

  6. i can relate to everything you said about tanks! i, too, have a long torso, so they’re always bunching up which drives me bonkers. i’m thinking i should go invest in a few of these tanks! 😉

    i love the looks of that treadmill workout! i might have to incorporate that into my workout for tomorrow. 😉 and question… how do you add the “pin it” button under your images? i figured out how to get it on my posts, but i want to be able to specifically put it under/by images.

  7. I definitely have the same tank top! Love it! It’s perfect to wear underneath sweaters or even if you’re wearing an off the shoulder top! Just wanted to say I love your blog Lindsay!

  8. I love wearing tanks under shirts. It is a perfect layer, especially in the freezing NH weather (thankfully, this winter has been mild). Although, I haven’t quite found my favorite tank yet. I need it to fit a little tight so it doesn’t bunch under my top layer, but I still want it to be long enough so it hangs out a little on the bottom. I am thinking I might have to try a few of those tanks!

  9. Ahh…so glad somewhere shared my obsession with long tanks! I too have a very hard time finding something long enough due to my height…and also cami’s that dont ride up. I have only been sucessfull in small local boutiques. They are rather expensive for just a basic tank BUT they dont shrink, are seriously long and they dont ride up all day~!

    Cant wait to try out the treadmill workout…i hate hate hate the treadmill but i make myself do it for the cardio. Thanks!!

  10. Shirts and tanks that are too short are the worst! Ruins my day when I feel like I constantly have to pull them down. My sister has it even worse though (5’11” and skinnnny) and recently found some super long tanks at Wet Seal (I’m pretty positive it was there…). May be something to check out.

  11. Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction

    I hate when my tank tops are too long or too short as well. Since I am tall its hard to find ones long enough, but I have a select few that are staples in wardrobe.

    That workout looks tough girl! I would be starving after that too! Good job 🙂

  12. I pinned your super intense workout and people went crazy over it! I am such a slow runner that I think I will have to modify it for myself and say over and over again “only for 30 seconds, only for 30 seconds…” haha

  13. I LOVE long tanks too!!! I have a freakin’ long torso–so I need that. LOVE that you found a perfect one! It’s cute 🙂

    I like one from Shade or Downeast.

    Your workout looks awesome!! Way to push yourself hard!

  14. I have been increasing my circuit training much more recently and yeah.. .hunger levels through the roof!

    I loveee long tank tops too, I am all about layering! It’s so nice to find one that just works 🙂

  15. I swear tanks 24/7!! I definitely feel your pain about the long enough for your torso. I am a giannttt so I hate the ones that ride up.

  16. I’m ALWAYS hungry after interval workouts!

  17. Wheeee! You know I love you 🙂 And da tankky tops. They make sweaters SO much less itchy, and keep you warmer. Plus they make so many pairs of pants less awkward. Pinned you, lady lovely!! ❤

  18. It’s so funny you talk about that, because I’ve been wanting to find a new white tank for a while! I have one from Forever 21 that I loved because it was stretchy and could go under ANYTHING, but because clothes from Forever 21 are so cheaply made (still love them, but it’s a fact!), it wore out really quickly. And when I went back to get another one, I couldn’t find the kind I wanted! So so sad. 😦

  19. YESS to the tank top under everything!! I finally bought like 6 of them this year so I have enough to wear under my top to work every day. I can’t go without one. My favorite is the $3.50 ones from Forever 21. The ones I like are actually a very light oatmeal color.

  20. I am always hungry after cardio 🙂

  21. WOWZA girl 🙂 That looks like an intense workout! I love HIIT sprints on the treadmill though 🙂

    p.s. beautiful pics of yourself ❤

  22. Oh I have been on the hunt for the perfect white tank – I have the same problem finding tanks that are long enough, and don’t bunch up. *So* annoying! I never would have thought the juniors’ dept would be the answer! I’m hoofing it to my nearest Nordies to give them a try. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  23. I get quite hungry the day after I strength train! I guess my muscles need to eat up some food to grow haha 🙂 glad you found such a good go-to tank! I have these $2.50 camis from Forever 21 in about 6 colors because I love them so much. They aren’t long at all though, so I have a couple of long camis from Hollister that work when I need to wear something under a shorter shirt. They have lace at the bottom two, so it jazzes my outfit up a bit.

  24. I like wearing white shirts under sweaters and other shirts too, I have this perfect stretchy white t-shirt from Gap that I absolutely love, I really need to buy more!

  25. Thanks for the workout! I have a pretty good long cami from Target in both white and black. I like them longer so that I can let ’em hang or tuck them in, depending on the outfit.

  26. Such a cute tank! I love how long it is. Length has definitely been my friend lately with this baby bump growing like crazy!

    And cardio (usually running) leaves me the hungriest. Not sure why because it’s usually my shortest workout but it does!

  27. Long slow state cardio makes me most hungriest. When I was training for a marathon I weighed the most I ever have in a long time, I didn’t understand with all the running I was doing. But it was making me HUNGRY and I was EATING. Hitt training and weights is the way to go…I usually feel like throwing up after a HITT workout (thats how you know if you’ve done it right ;)).

  28. Yes! Long tanks ftw:) great job on your audition video,Lindsey !

  29. I love love love your sweater 🙂

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