Overhead Squats, Fro-Yo, and Sushi

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I can’t wait to try some of the foods that all of you are loving!

Yesterday was great. I’m enjoying being down here in FL and not having school work to worry about haha. In the morning, Chris and I headed to the gym to get in our respective workouts. I did my full-body workout for bootcamp and everything was burning by the end! And this morning much of my body is sore…I love knowing that I worked hard!

One of the moves we had to do was an overhead squat.


This was way more challenging than I was anticipating. I had to use a much smaller weight than I would normally use with a squat (which makes sense because I can’t hold that much above me haha). I could feel this working all the areas a traditional squat would, but I could really feel my core working hard to help stabilize me. I will definitely be adding this move into my future workouts! Thank you Tina for all of the wonderful ideas I’m getting from your program :).

After the gym, we came home and ate lunch and then went to the beach for a couple of hours. It was glorious. There was a nice breeze so it didn’t feel too warm laying in the sun! I loved it….I would seriously be at the beach all the time if I lived near one.

In the afternoon I succumbed to my fro-yo craving.

Um, talk about heaven in my mouth :). That baby consists of cake batter and cookies and cream fro-yo, crushed Reese’s peanut butter cups, crushed oreos, and crumb topping from coffee cake. Holy yum. It was amazing! Here’s a pic of it all mixed together:

Soooo good. It was gone way too fast haha.

I also had a fabulous dinner courtesy of Whole Foods.

Oh yea baby, that’s brown rice tuna and avocado sushi. AMAZING :D.

Last night we decided to go to a movie and we saw 21 Jump Street. We both thought it was hysterical and were laughing throughout a lot of it. I would only recommend it though if you like a more raunchy and sometimes offensive humor. It’s all in good fun though, so that’s why we enjoyed it.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day!


I’m looking for a good “beach read”…any suggestions?

Have you ever done an overhead squat?


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I'm Lindsay! I'm a 23 year-old graduate student in occupational therapy. I love all things health and fitness related and this blog will document my life as I learn to really love myself, try to stop worrying so much about my body, and truly take advantage of all the sweet things that life offers us.

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  1. I am planning on seeing 21 Jump Street after hearing about how funny it is! That froyo looks amazing and yes those OH squats are toughies!

  2. your fro yo mixture is pretty much exactly the flavors and toppings i would choose. 🙂 reese’s and oreo crumbles are my favorite toppings!

  3. I love the overhead squats!!!

    My back? Notsomuch 🙂

  4. I LOVE brown rice sushi – craving it now that I’ve seen yours! 🙂

  5. I love getting sushi from whole foods..the brown rice is the best!! and your fro yo combo sounds amazing!!

  6. oreos in fro yo, for the win! always in mine 🙂

  7. I’m trying to think of good beach reads I have recently read. Oh! Blue Bistro by Elin Hildebrand was pretty good. Predictable but good. And I picked up Shatter Me after you raved about it. Reading the 2nd hunger games book now though. 🙂

    Yay for loving the workouts. The OH Squats shocked me the first time I did them too.

  8. I have not done an over the head squat but it looks badazz! After yesterday’s workout I don’t think I even want to hear the word squat for awhile..lol

  9. I am in Tina’s bootcamp too. I have not done today’s workout yet, but I am dreading the squats. My thighs are still sore from Monday’s workout!

    Water for Elephants is a good book. I read it AFTER I saw the movie and this may be one instance where the movie was better. But the book was still pretty good.

  10. I loved reading Escape by Barbara Delinsky on the beach. And that froyo looks sooo good!

  11. Crumb topping?? I haven’t seen that fro-yo topping before!! Genius! I’m so jealous b/c I’ve been craving frozen yogurt for over a week now, and I still haven’t gotten myself any!

  12. Uhhh LOVE fro yo!!! tons of flavors and some mix-ins is how I roll too 😉

    I love overhead squats–you’re right they are such a challenge! Nice work on fitting in workouts during your break! Have fun in the sun/at the beach!

  13. Oh man I LOVE tuna with avocado sushi!! And I am addicted to froyo by my office- and am going today with some coworkers! Yay! I’d say for book reads- anything by Jill Mansell- quick and fun reads! She’s one of my favorite authors! Enjoy the beach!!

  14. Now craving sushi and froyo! Glad you and Chris are having a great week! 🙂

  15. Oh yes over head squats are killers! Such a good burn though.

    That sushi looks so delicious! I love anywhere I can find some brown rice sushi!

    I really want to see that movie! I heard it’s sooo funny, but that you do have to be able to handle the offensive humor! Can’t wait to see it!

  16. this sounds like the perfect day!!

  17. That’s my favorite kind of sushi. Soooooo good – even the texture’s great!

    On the other hand, I’m not so much a fan of overhead squats. I do them from time to time, but I guess I don’t really like them since I hurt myself the first time. Nothing serious, just sore a few days from a strain – you def have to do much lighter weight!

  18. I am loving all the new moves in Tina’s workout plans as well! That froyo looks amazing 😀 as for beach reads, I love anything by Emily Giffin (Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Heart of the Matter..) and Nicholas Sparks!

  19. Glad you are enjoying Florida!!! Sushi and froyo are the two best things 😀

  20. Ummm okay wow that froyo combination literally just made my mouth water… wow we would have the best frozen yogurt dates ever together 😀

  21. Overhead squats are one of my favorite exercises….I just wish I could do them. It’s so awfully humbling, but I’ve learned my body just doesn’t like them. They kill both my shoulders and lower back! The only way I can do it is with holding a band/tube only…no weight…and I like to lift heavy!

  22. I’m not sure if you like a little dry, sarcastic humor or not but… I really LOVE Augusten Burroughs. He makes me literally LOL and I can read half a book in one sitting without realizing it. I especially like “Magical Thinking” “Sellevision” and “Dry”

  23. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! Sushi! I will be looking for a good summer read. Sorry I have no suggestions babe! 😦 I am too busy reading textbooks 😉

  24. Your bootcamp workout sounds intense, I might try some overhead squats! I’ve been feeling a bit stuck in a rut with my workouts lately so it might just do the trick!

    Your food looks and sounds delicious, especially want a cup of that frozen yogurt, your toppings sound amazing 🙂 The sushi looks great too, I haven’t had sushi in ages!

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