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Hi friends :D.

I’m so glad you all enjoyed the Peeta text in my last post! It definitely made me giggle hehe.

So I’ve got a couple of things going on that I wanted to update you on! I know that last week I mentioned the stomach issues that I’ve been having. I also talked about how I was going to try cutting out wheat and dairy (separately) from my diet for a bit to see if I notice a difference when I’m not consuming them, and also to see how I feel when I add them back in!

Yesterday was my first day of not eating any wheat. I don’t really feel any differently, which I didn’t really expect to. I think it will take some time. One thing I noticed though was I really missed my bread for sandwiches haha. Perhaps I’ll have to try some gluten-free bread. Are than any brands out there you guys would recommend? I did try a new to me product last night though that was super tasty!


These were really good! I actually don’t really remember the last time I had frozen waffles, so I’m not quite sure how different they taste in comparison to regular waffles…but still….I enjoyed them! I ate them for my evening snack- topped with banana slices and some PB2 :D.


Another thing that I started doing yesterday was keeping a food diary. I’ve decided to write down everything that I’m eating for about a week or so because I’m trying to change a habit that I’ve developed and I want to keep myself more accountable for the foods that I’m eating. This is a way for me to do that because I know that whatever I eat has to be written down.

So why am I doing this? Because lately I’ve noticed myself mindlessly snacking for no reason. And by that I mean that I’ve been snacking outside of my actual snacks. I’ve realized that whenever I pass the kitchen or if I’m kind of bored or just think about food, I go into the pantry and grab handfuls of things like chips or crackers or peanuts. I’m not actually hungry when I do this. Brittany wrote an awesome post the other day about returning to intuitive eating and actually honoring her hunger cues. This is definitely something that I need to work on as well.


Writing down the foods I eat is something that can help hold me responsible. I know myself and understand that I am less likely to grab an unnecessary handful of chips when I know that I have to write it down and see it staring me back in the face saying “you didn’t need me, you weren’t even hungry”. I don’t like having feelings of guilt that are associated with food and right now I’m pretty sure those feelings are coming about because I’m snacking more than I need to.

I also know that this over snacking is probably dampening my actual hunger cues. And that’s no good…I want to be able to really listen to my body and recognize actual hunger versus other things like boredom, emotions, etc. Thus the reason for my food diary. It will keep me accountable and then I can focus on recognizing my actual hunger cues! At least, that’s my goal :).

And I wanted to talk about something else, but I’ll save it for later because this is already getting kind of lengthy haha. Anyway, I hope you all have a great day!!


Do you keep or have you ever kept a food diary?


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I'm Lindsay! I'm a 23 year-old graduate student in occupational therapy. I love all things health and fitness related and this blog will document my life as I learn to really love myself, try to stop worrying so much about my body, and truly take advantage of all the sweet things that life offers us.

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  1. I did when I was trying to figure out what was bothering my stomach. I’ve been not honoring my hunger cues lately basically because I have not been hungry AT ALL. Seriously, for like the last week. So I just keep chomping! 😉

  2. I only kept a food journal when I was in college and seriously restricting. I don’t even know why I did then, though, because I constantly had a running tally of calories in my head. :/ I think I was proud of how little I was eating. Ridiculous, right?!?!

    • Ugh, I’ve been there too! I do not want this to become an obsessive thing at all, so that’s why I just want to do it for like a week so I can get back on track with the snacking!

  3. I kept one when I first started recovering from my ED 2 years ago and it really helped me stay on track with eating enough. I think it is SUCH a great idea for you to keep one to see if any of the foods bother your tum tum.

    Best of luck being wheat free this week! Oh and about gluten free bread, I really like Udi’s gf for peanut butter and jelly sammies 🙂

  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    1. It makes me SO happy to hear that someone else can relate to what I’m going through! Whether we realize it or not, snacking when we’re not exactly hungry becomes such a bad habit, which leads to an unhealthy relationship with food in the long run. I think a food journal is a fantastic idea, at least in the beginning. Also, try checking out this site: . There are some pretty helpful tips!

    2. Try Ener-G bread! The slices are a bit small, but I specifically recommend the brown rice bread. They also have a “light brown rice” which has half the stats of the regular, you can have twice the slices, making up for the size 😉

    3. When I started cutting out wheat, it took 3-4 days for me to feel better. I guess it just takes that long to get out of your system? Regardless, I can’t wait to hear how you feel!

    4. (Last one, I promise 8) ) Thanks for the link love!

    • Thank you for the website! I’ll be checking it out for sure :D. I’ve always wondered what the Ener-G bread tasted like after seeing it on your blog…do you have to order it or can you buy it in stores? And you’re welcome for the link love…it was a great post!

  5. writing stuff down definitely makes me think twice about eating it. this always happens on the wiaw posts where i try to take a picture of every single thing i eat.

  6. Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction

    I;ve tried to keep a food diary before but it only lasted a week or so. I snack so much so it’s hard for me to remember to right down every single thing! It did make me more aware of what I was eating though! Hope it helps you resolve your stomach issue!

  7. Food diaries haven’t worked for me in the past but using an app to track my calorie count does. I do this for maybe a couple weeks a month, just to keep myself in check and to get an idea of how much I’m eating or not eating each day. Writing things down can be a huge help. as long as it doesn’t override that intuitive eating : )

  8. I can’t wait to see what you think after a few days of removing gluten/dairy. I have thought hard about trying this as well, because I constantly have stomach issues. I was keeping a food diary to reel in my overindulgences (after getting married, my eating habits went pretty relaxed!) and I used the app My Fitness Pal and it is awesome! I am on a break from it right now though because I think calorie counting/meal planning etc can get a little too obsessive and I try and stay clear as much as possible. It can be helpful for problem solving though!

    • I can totally get obsessive, which is why I only want to do it for like a week! I don’t want that obsessiveness to happen at all!

  9. i used to keep a food diary when i was restricting myself back in my early college days. it was no good for me! it made me obsessive. everyone is different though, and i’ve had clients that have had a ton of success with keeping food diaries.

    • Yea I would be afraid I’d get that way, so I plan to stop after a week or even before that. I just want to change my mindless eating habits and hopefully doing this for a few days will help me see understand that I don’t need those extra snacks haha

  10. Keeping a food diary has been a game changer for my diet.. I love to use MyFitnessPal because it has so many foods in the database, it has a ton of fast food/chain restaurant entries, AND you can download the app on your phone and track as you go.

  11. I do not keep a food diary currently but I have in the past. BTW LOVE Van’s waffles. Like you I hadn’t had frozen waffles in a long time and tried them out. They’re a nice little treat =)

  12. I do keep a food diary and it is something I am trying to get away from… but I Guess it’s more about counting calories for me rather than writing down the actual food. Either way it’s hindering me and I know it, but I also don’t want to stop it! It can certainly be beneficial for someone and I think it will help you it out if you want/need it to Lindsay!

    • I’m sure that will be a habit that is hard to break, but in time Tessa you will totally be able to do that so it doesn’t hinder you anymore!

  13. Food diaries are so helpful when trying to find this stuff out. I hope it helps! oh and try Udi’s or Rudi’s GF bread. Definitely a good substitute!

  14. I keep a food diary from time to time. Mostly when I feel that my eating has gotten out of control, but I’m also in the process of eliminating gluten and dairy from diet due to digestive problems. Doesn’t it suck? All of these hype about wheat being good for you is actually dangerous for some people. Lol.

  15. I’m a believer in the food log as a way to learn how to eat more mindfully and intuitively. It’s also helped me to lose some unwanted lbs in the past year — for me it’s a tool and it’s empowered me to get me to my “happy weight.” I still use it regularly but try to go “log-less” a day or two a week to teach myself to be mindful without using the log as a crutch, so to speak. I hope it’ll help you both with the mindless thing and to figure out what’s bugging your tummy!

  16. I track my calories about 70% of the time to help myself with portions. Tracking also helps with snacking between snacks though. I’m a huge snacker, planning snacks/meals every 2.5-3.5 hours (usually 2.5-3), so adding more snacks just gets ridiculous (and shows isn’t due to real hunger).

  17. Yep. I keep a food diary. Mostly because I’m trying to keep track of which foods both my stomach! I also did it when I was deep in my eating disorder, so sometimes it is hard to not get obsessive about it, but I’m working on it.

  18. I think a food diary can be helpful to get you back on track, but I don’t keep one. It makes me OBSESSED with food! haha I just try to eat balanced meals and plan out ahead of time if I can.

    • Haha yea I don’t want that to happen, so this will definitely be a short-term thing just to get me back on track!

  19. I try really hard to keep a food diary, but I am never very successful. I use and have an app on my phone. I really should keep a food diary. I just snack so much, I sometimes forget to include everything and then it’s not accurate at all. i think hand writing a journal would be best for me, but then it’s one extra thing I have to carry around everywhere.

    • Yea…I guess that’s once nice thing about being in school and carrying around planners and notebooks all the time haha

  20. I hope you figure everything out!! I think you will definitely notice once you introduce it back in if there is some sort of intolerance !

  21. I’ve never really kept a food diary. I have so much to keep track of that adding in something else would throw me over the edge. LOL.

  22. Hey, I have been gluten free for over a year now. I feel so much better and have actually lost weight even though I am eating the same amount. Try Rudi’s gluten free bread. It runs about $5-6 a loaf but they have coupons on their website. I have tried all gf breads and this one reminds me the most of bread. I love the mutigrain variety. Good luck on your GF adventure!!

  23. I’ve kept a food log on the LoseIt! app – I really did like it for when I used it, because I had gained a little weight during grad school and it helped me realize when I was eating out of boredom and not hunger. It’s not something I could keep up all the time, but I really did like it for the time being, as long as I wasn’t too focused on the calorie counts. If I started getting nit-picky about entering those, it became too tedious and made me stressed.

  24. I did once.


    and it was not for me. It almost made this NON-OBSESSIVE woman obsess 🙂

  25. I kept a food diary when I was recovering from my eating disorder, but now I don’t 🙂 I know what I need and not writing it down works for me for now 🙂 But it definitely helped me plan well

  26. I’ve never kept a food diary, but I’ve heard it’s a great way to track not necessarily calories, but simply what your eating. I think everyone mindless eats sometimes and journaling is a great way to make small changes to leading a healthier eating lifestyle. 🙂

  27. I think keeping a food diary can be helpful for a short period of time so you can hold yourself accountable. Or even taking time to realize what you eat once a week or once a month (this is part of the reason I enjoy time to reflect on what fuels me).

    I wouldn’t, however, keep a diary for every single day because that has potential to get obsessive with eating habits and monitoring calorie intakes. Just a thought! 🙂

    I hope you figure out your tummy issues! Apparently many people are gluten intolerant and don’t even know it!

  28. I tried to keep a food diary once, but I became too obsessive about it and it didn’t work for me. I’m interested to see how going gluten and dairy-free works for you!

  29. I’m really interested to see how the gluten/dairy free works for you because I tried both of those things for my IBS, but only for like…4 days. I just couldn’t commit because it’s so darn hard and I didn’t even know if it would actually help at all or not. I probably need to suck it up and do a few weeks of each just to see. Because obviously it would be worth it to eliminate those things if it meant feeling better and treating the IBS without drugs! 😀

    I ate Udi’s bread for those 4 days hahah and it was pretty good, certainly not your regular bread, smaller pieces and it was 6 dollars a loaf, but it alright!

  30. I have on and off but it never seems to stick!

  31. I have a problem with eating wheat, too, so I stay away from it. I will occasionally use Ezekiel bread. Loooove that stuff. It’s sprouted wheat, which is much easier to digest than processed wheat flour and is typically fine for people with wheat problems.

  32. just concerning the stomach issues, so random but try to think of literally anything you’ve been doing differently. I recently developed plantar fachitis in one heel so every day i was taking ibuprofen. After a week and a half I kept having severe stomach pain almost immediately after eating and this would happen 1-2 times a day. I started eating kefir and tons of pickles for probiotics and turns out the whole time my stomach was really sensitive to ibuprofen and it took about 2 week for the pain to stop after i stopped the ibuprofen. strange things do it sometimes haha

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