Random Monday Musings

Hi friends! I hope your weekends were great!

I’ve just got some random things for you all today :).

Have you seen this video?? Watch it! Especially if you like the show New Girl

I saw this picture on Pinterest the other day. I would love it if Chris and his groomsmen did this ;).

Source: blog.mymusicbydesign.com via Lindsay on Pinterest

Speaking of wedding things….we booked our photographer!! Not much wedding planning has been going on because I sort of need to be home to do the things that are left. But, I figured that I would start contacting photographers for information on pricing and I’m so glad that I did because I found out that a lot of them were already booked for our wedding date! I was shocked! We’re getting married in June of next year…don’t most people plan a wedding in a year or less?

As soon as I found out that multiple photographers that I really liked were already booked I realized that I needed to make a decision and book one myself. I’m happy to say that we found a photographer whose work I absolutely love and whose prices are great! I’ve never really wanted super traditional wedding pictures, and Ben Barnes Photography has amazing pictures that are beautiful and creative! I can’t wait to work with him :).

I may have downloaded these two songs this weekend. Don’t judge. They are awesome to listen to when getting ready for a night out and while working out!

I tried gluten free bread for the first time and was surprised by how much I liked it! It was Rudi’s multi-grain bread! So I had cut wheat out of my diet for a week and I felt a bit better after doing it. When I reintroduced the wheat back in, I didn’t feel too bad but I was having some constipation, headaches, fatigue, and bloating.

I figured these things weren’t too bad because I was only have a small serving of wheat in a day. Well, one day I had wheat 3 different times and that night my stomach was incredibly bloated and it was so uncomfortable! I definitely don’t want to feel that again. Right now I’m cutting wheat out again to see if I feel better. So far, so good! And even though I’m not cutting out gluten, the gluten-free bread is also wheat-free (duh)……so yay for being able to eat sandwiches!

I saw The Lucky One on Friday. It was really good! The book was better, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially watching Zac Efron for almost 2 hours hehe.


Have a great Monday!! xxoo


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I'm Lindsay! I'm a 23 year-old graduate student in occupational therapy. I love all things health and fitness related and this blog will document my life as I learn to really love myself, try to stop worrying so much about my body, and truly take advantage of all the sweet things that life offers us.

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  1. At church yesterday, the pastor was trying to make a point about something, and he asked everybody who the “hottest” guy was right now. Well our church has a lot of college-aged girls, so they all start screaming out “Zac Efron!!!!” It was pretty funny. I didn’t realize he was quite so popular these days! I’m obviously out of the loop. 😉

  2. Books are always better but I do find that they generally do a good job with Nicholas Sparks movies. They always pleasantly surprise me. I want to see that one too.

    And that wedding pic with the guys is priceless. You so need to get them to do that! Oh how I wish Pinterest was around for ideas when I got married!

    • Oh I am going to make Chris do it whether he wants to or not haha…although he may not be the hard one to convince, it my be my brother (who will be one of the groomsmen)

  3. BAHAHAHAHA that picture of the wedding guys just made me DIE!!! Oh my word, I’m in stitches! 😀

    And yay for Rudi’s! Their bread is so delicious 🙂

    Have a great day!

  4. lol!! that groomsmen pic is hilarious!!

  5. I am glad you liked the lucky one! I want to see it so bad, but I hardly sadly heard not the best reviews! I am still going to check it out though! 🙂

  6. haha brett and his groomsmen took a picture very similar to that! i love it!

  7. Those two songs are my guilty pleasure…SO CATCHY. Congrats on booking the photographer, so exciting! I’m going to see The Lucky One tonight, fingers crossed that I enjoy it! The book was absolutely amazing and if the movie has Zac Efron in it…how bad can it be?

  8. woohoo!! glad you were able to book a photographer you like! i know how much of a relief that is. 🙂

    i hope cutting the wheat out of your diet will help!! enjoy your sandwiches. 🙂

  9. I love that wedding picture, haha! I’m obsessed with that call me maybe song. And have you seen the spoof to one direction? I love the song but this video is really funny too.

    aaaand I wanna see the movie just so I can stare at Zac efron 😉 so glad you liked the bread!

    • Hahahahahahaha omg that video is awesome :). And yes, staring at Zac Efron is amazing. I sort of want to see it again just for that reason 😉

  10. New Girl is by far my new favorite show!I absolutely love it!! Schmidt is hilarious… scratch that, every character is hilarious.

  11. i sure hope i never have to go wheat free. Carbs are my favorite food group! Although they do have some great gluten free options out now so you can still have pancakes, pasta, etc

    • I love carbs too…and wheat haha. But I’m still eating carbs, just in different forms – rice, brown rice pasta, quinoa, etc!

  12. Congrats on the photographer! So fun that you are getting things done as it gets closer. Also, no judgment here, definitely listened to both those songs on my run yesterday 🙂 Great choices!

  13. Rachael @ Ready To Get Sweaty

    I love that you downloaded those two songs…it makes me feel less teenie bopperish (totally made this up) for doing so! I’ve also started to eat gluten free bread instead of whole grain/wheat. Have you tried anything else gluten free (oatmeal, etc)? If so, I’d be interested in hearing your experience.

    • Haha love it. I have tried gluten free pasta and Van’s gluten free waffles! The pasta is made with brown rice and I actually really like it! Otherwise no, because gluten doesn’t seem to be the problem for me.

  14. I want to download both of those songs too!! Hehe 🙂 They are great ones, in my opinion–super fun and upbeat!

  15. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Haha heyy, no judgment here. And this is coming from the girl with The Jonas Brothers CD in her car 😉

    Aaaaaanyway, that’s so exciting about the photographer! That’s actually a great thing that you guys planned the wedding for next year because now you’ll have even more time to get the planning exactly how you want it. I don’t think I’d know the first thing about ANYTHING haha!

    • Oh yea girl…I would rock out in your car with you ;). And I don’t really know anything about planning either haha. I’m so glad that two of my cousins have gotten married so they can help out!

  16. HAHAHA I love new girl!!! That video is amazing 🙂

  17. YAY for booking your photographer! One more thing to cross off the list! 🙂

    I have to remember to come back and watch that Schmidt video after work. I love me some New Girl!!!

  18. Yum. Zac Efron. 😉 I did see that New Girl video! I just love that show. How exciting that you got the photographer booked for the wedding! Congrats on that!!!I actually prefer gluten free bread to the alternative, gluten bugs my stomach too! Hopefully this will help with the issues you mentioned.

  19. I saw that pin of the groomsmen on pinterest the other day and I laughed out loud. So funny and creative! You should definitely do it for your wedding!

  20. Hey Lindsay!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now and just thought I’d finally say hi! I loooove that spin clip of Schmidt! Yes–The New Girl is such a fun show. I have to say though I think I like Nick’s personality better.

    • Hi!!! I’m so glad you commented :). Nick’s personality is awesome. Actually, I think all of them are awesome haha.

  21. LOL, that picture of the groom with groomsmen is hilarious!!

  22. I was surprised by how much I liked Gluten Free bread too!

  23. I love Schmidt and that video made my day. Just plain awesome. I also wouldn’t mind watching Zac Efron for two hours 🙂

  24. I plan on reading the Lucky One after the series I’m reading now. A good romantic story will be a nice change up 🙂

  25. i downloaded both of those songs last weekend for my new running mix…I’m 33 and yes – I dont care…they are sweet!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  26. Hahaha I saw that picture on Pinterest the other day too! Hilarious. I actually think I repinned it from one of your boards m’dear 🙂

    And YES to that song Call Me Maybe!! I just downloaded it this morning and have been listening to it to death! I always do that with songs and then get sick of them real fast haha

    It’s stuck in my head as we speak… I speak the truth!

  27. Try food for life millet bread. It’s my favorite bread and I don’t even eat gluten free!

  28. Yay for booking the photographer! That was one of the first things I did, and I was so happy once it was done! Also, I’m kind of obsessed with “Call Me Maybe.” It’s an addicting song!

  29. i can’t stop listening to those two songs right now!!! 🙂

  30. So exciting that you booked your photographer!! I think that’s the most important part – but that’s also because I’m obsessed with pictures and scrapbooking 🙂

  31. I love Rudi’s bread!! I had to go gluten free about 2 months ago, and it has been a life saver!

  32. I read the lucky one and LOVED it but feel like Zach is just not right for the part. Maybe it’s just me but he looks too young for the woman in it.

  33. I love random 🙂

    And I love you 😉 So happy to hear good things about The Lucky One 🙂 I will have to read the book though. It sounds like a lovey dovey book that I would get obsessed with 😉 ❤ I am such a romantic 😉 I love "Call Me Maybe" my gym always has it on (we have the radio going at my gym) and it always pumps me up 🙂 Such a catchy tune! So happy you got a photographer booked! How exciting! And I totally love that picture of the groom/groomsmen! He needs to do that!

  34. Hahahaha, I LOVE New Girl!

    Schmidt totally cracks me up….that was great! 🙂

  35. I want to see the Lucky One! And try gluten- free bread 🙂 I bet I’d like it but have never bought it because it’s more pricey than the regular stuff.

    I LOVE CALL ME MAYBE. That is all.

  36. I love the New Girl so Schmidt’s workout video is hilarious! Love that guy 🙂 I think it’s on tonight actually! Win!

  37. haha – that picture of all the groomsmen in “awe” of the ring is hilarious!

  38. Megan @ Fiterature

    I am slightly obsessed with New Girl and Schmidt….and that video is huh-larious. Some of the stuff he does is soooooo true of spin peeps….I was laughing so hard when he was bopping his entire body to the beat….that is me all the way baby!

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