The Simple Things A-Z

Happy Friday!!!

I saw this little survey that Janetha did the other day and decided that I loved and, and wanted to do it too :D. Basically it’s 26 simple things that I enjoy, A-Z…let’s see if I can come up with things for every letter haha.

  • A – Amigos. My friends are fantastic. I love them!
  • B – Books! I think you all know that I love to read haha. In fact, in the past few weeks I’ve read 3 books. I’ll talk about them in my next post because they were really good!
  • C – Chris. I LOVE him :).

  • D – Dark chocolate. It’s delicious and often a small piece satisfies by sweet tooth!
  • E – Exercise. It’s amazing how good exercising makes me feel! I’m so thankful that I have a healthy enough and strong enough body to exercise and challenge myself while doing it.
  • F – Family. They are awesome. And I’m blessed to have a great one that I am close with.
  • G – Giggling. I love it when I giggle and when other people giggle, especially if I’m the one that makes them do it. And this video of Anderson Cooper giggling on air is hysterical!
  • H – Hearts. I love the shape…and obviously what it stands for hehe. But I always like seeing things with hearts on them.
  • I – Instagram. I’m sort of addicted to it haha. I love seeing all of the pics that other people post, and I love playing around with the filters for my own. Follow me – SweetNHealthy 😀
  • J – July. It’s my birthday month…in fact, my birthday is next Friday!!! And I always enjoy celebrating the 4th!

  • K – Kisses. I love getting kisses from Chris. And from my animals…as long as they aren’t near my mouth- that always grosses me out for some reason haha.
  • L – Lip balm. I always have to have some with me, and I tend to put it on all the time. I love the kind that makes my lips sort of shiny (but not sticky like lip gloss does) and that smells delicious :).
  • M – Music. It’s amazing how listening to a great song can instantly bring up my mood!
  • N – Naps. They are glorious when you’re really tired in the afternoon.
  • O – Oatmeal. I looovvveee my oats. I eat them pretty much every morning.
  • P – Pink. It’s my favorite color. And when it’s all bright and pretty it makes me happy.
  • Q – Quality. Spending quality time with the people I love is one of the best things in life.
  • R – Rings. I love rings. Especially my engagement one ;). I catch myself looking at it multiple times a day hehe.

  • SSoul Detox. As I mentioned recently, I started completing this reading plan (an online Bible study). I LOVE it. Seriously, the messages that I take away from it and the questions that I challenge myself with have been great. I highly recommend it!
  • T – TOMS. I love my pair. They are so comfortable!! And the silver glitter just makes me feel like my outfits have some pizzazz.
  • U – UV Rays. The sunshine makes me so happy! I’m always in a better mood when the sun is out.
  • V – Vino. Wine is fabulous. Enough said :).

  • W – Weddings. I love them. I love going to them. Planning my own. And browing Pinterest to look at all things wedding related. In fact, I have an urge to plan weddings….no idea where that’s coming from!
  • X – Xi. I was an Alpha Xi Delta in college. I love my sorority sisters!
  • Y – You. All of you, my fabulous readers, make me so happy! Your support is wonderful.
  • Z – Zoey. She’s my little baby. It’s amazing how much joy an animal can bring to your life!

I hope you all have an awesome day!

**Pick 2 letters and tell me your answers! 

About In Sweetness and In Health

I'm Lindsay! I'm a 23 year-old graduate student in occupational therapy. I love all things health and fitness related and this blog will document my life as I learn to really love myself, try to stop worrying so much about my body, and truly take advantage of all the sweet things that life offers us.

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  1. I still catch myself staring at my engagement ring too, haha :).

  2. I am a July baby too! It’s the best bday month. 🙂

  3. I used to always stare at my engagement ring, too. Enjoy this time … it’s over way too quickly! 😉 (But don’t get me wrong … marriage is wonderful, too haha!)

    B – Brandon. I love my husband. 🙂

    N – Nut butters haha!

  4. Right now I’m loving M- my McDonalds breakfast sandwich (hey, it’s necessary for a Friday 14 hour workday that I’m going to have today…) and V – Vacation! I’m going to DC Tuesday for 5 days to spend time with friends from college, I can’t wait! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Such a cute post! Hmmm… I’m going to go with G: grilling – I’ve been loving this warm weather and being able to grill up some yummy veggies! and W: weekends – I have been logging some awesome sun-time poolside with my sisters these past few weekends and can’t wait to do the same this weekend! Happy Friday 🙂

  6. This is awesome, I love your answers!! Especially the g one for giggling 😉

    Have an awesome Friday!

  7. cute post idea! Let’s see….G – grilling! I’ve been loving the grill this summer so far, big time! and S – Sundays! Lately I’ve been having some pretty relaxing Sundays recently and it’s just what I need to get myself ready for the week ahead. Love it. Happy weekend, Lindsay!

  8. I agree–dark chocolate is the perfect sweet treat to crush a craving!

  9. I JUST posted this today too!! How fun 😉

    B-BodyPUMP (teaching it) and C-Chocolate for sure!!!

  10. I am super impressed you had a “X”! 🙂

  11. I answered a similar question on Annette’s blog, so I will post different answers here.

    J – Joycie – My beautiful 2 year old daughter who reminds me every day to see the joy in the simple things, the beauty in everyone, and makes me laugh!

    M – Mikey – My amazing husband who supports me in my pursuits, encourages my dreams, laughs with me, lets me cry on his shoulder, and loves me even when I am not being very nice or loveable.

  12. I adore that Anderson Cooper video too! He is just the cutest when he giggles, its hilarious. I also love my oats too, as I’m sure you know 😉 Aw, I love your cat. Such a cutie pie. I’m going kitten shopping this weekend and am so excited to look at all the kitties! Clearly I’m cool. Have a great weekend!!<3

  13. soul detox and vino equals bliss! good choice linz… oh and happy early bday!

  14. Love your engagement ring!

  15. Loved this! I alwaaays have to have lip stuff too. Or else they get so chapped!

  16. Very cute! Is it wrong that for most of the letters I thought of foods? LOL

  17. B – best friend. Right now I’m going through some things an my best friend, even with dealing with her new born baby, is 100% there for me

    S – Sydney. She’s my pup and also my teddy bear to sleep with! haha. I never knew a dog could act so sweet!

    • Aw, I hope everything is okay! And I’m really happy that you have such an awesome friend there for you 🙂

  18. S- Soul Detox. I am doing this too. I started it as a recommendation from Brittany over at Delights and Delectables and I am so happy see pointed me in this direction. Your right it ask some important questions one needs to ask themselves.

    E-East side of Manhattan. I love to spend my time just walking around the east side of Manhattan. Rose hill mostly.

  19. S- Seriously… can we be any more alike?? July birthdays and a cat named Zoe(y)??? I just spell my Zoe different. 🙂 I’m glad you are loving Soul Detox! It is amazing!

    We def need to schedule a meet up here soon! 🙂 I need to meet my blog twin! 😉

  20. R: RUNNING

    S: SLEEP

    Haha 🙂

  21. I love this post! It’s so unbelievably happy and put a huge grin on my face, especially G and E.

    Y: yoga is making me super happy recently. Finally went to a class today and, man, did I miss it.

    I: my internship is seriously awesome this summer. I’m loving not hating going to work 🙂

  22. Your ring is so pretty 🙂

    Some of my favorites:

    S: Scrapbooking – love documenting memories!

    And for C I’ll go with a different boy: Craig! ❤

  23. TOMS is a great one for T 😀 I probably would have said tea though 😉 And I’ll go with M… Movie nights ❤

  24. I love all that stuff too! (well, I don’t know Chris, but I’m sure he’s great haha). I love that you used Amigos for A 🙂

  25. What a lovely survey Lindsay! I could not agree more with the T answer… yay for TOMS 😀 I enjoy wedding so much too, I cannot wait to start planning my own, although I don’t even have a boyfriend yet sooooo lol

    Your wedding is going to be glorious deary!

  26. This is such a cute idea for a survey- I love it!

    Your engagement ring is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait until I find my perfect man and get to plan a wedding! I’m sure you’re having a blast. (:

  27. you had a good answer for X! nice! also, happy birthday!!!

  28. Soul Detox was seriously an amazing book and changed the way I viewed alot of things!

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