Twenty Four

Happy Friday!!

And Happy Birthday to me :D.

Today I am twenty-four years old! And I don’t really feel like writing a post. Partly because I woke up at 5am yesterday and didn’t get home til 7:30pm and partly because it’s my birthday and I have no idea what to write about haha.

So I had the genius (clearly I’m kidding) idea to find my favorite recent pins on Pinterest. Plus…it’s Friday and that way you all can enjoy some pics instead of reading words!

Source: via Felecia on Pinterest

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Source: via Lori on Pinterest

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

Hahahaha not gonna lie, I totally laughed out loud at the last one. Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing day!

About In Sweetness and In Health

I'm Lindsay! I'm a 23 year-old graduate student in occupational therapy. I love all things health and fitness related and this blog will document my life as I learn to really love myself, try to stop worrying so much about my body, and truly take advantage of all the sweet things that life offers us.

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  1. Happy birthday gorgeous girl! I hope you have a lovely day 🙂

    Love the piccies! That first one especially cracks me up. Love the kitties, too.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Have an awesome day! 🙂

    p.s. That last picture made me laugh too! lol

  3. Happiest of birthdays to you!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 😀

    I love that pin about the awkwardness during the birthday song– soooo true haha

  5. Happy Birthday!! That image of Ted vs. Magic Mike – hilarious!! Have a great weekend!

  6. happy happy birthday!!

  7. Happy birthday! Hope you have an amazing day!

  8. hehe, happy birthday!! i loved my 24th year. It’s the year i got married! over 5 years ago, eek!

  9. HAppy Birthday!!! Hope you have such a wonderful day! I nearly died at the starbucks one. Totally doing that.

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And that one about Starbucks, the Ted/Magic Mike movie, and Shrek/The Hulk made me chuckle out loud. Fun start to the day for sure.

  11. OK the Primrose Everdeen one was hilarious!!

    Happy Birthday to my dear friend. I hope you have a fantastic day!!

  12. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have an amazing day!

  13. Happy Birthday! That one is so correct about siting through the song. Haha!! Hope you have a great day!

  14. Happy Birthday pretty lady, I hope you enjoy this very special day in whatever way you want 😀 Love the pins too, the shrek and hulk one is fantastic haha

  15. Happy birthday Lindsay! Have a fabulous day!!

  16. Happy late birthday, Lindsay!! Hopefully you have more free time to celebrate soon!

  17. Wishing you a perfect birthday! 🙂

  18. HAHA I laughed out loud too babe 😀


  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! BE sure to do something you enjoy today!

  20. Happy Birthday! Hope you get to celebrate all weekend 🙂

  21. happy birthday, love! hope your day and weekend are great!

  22. yayayaya!!! you’re the birthday girl today! i hope your day is SO special linds! i’m so thankful for our friendship and that i’ve been able to get to know you through our little blogs. love you so much! happy happy birthday!

  23. haha LOVE these!!! Have a great birthday!

  24. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the Primrose Everdeen pin is awesome…hahahhaha.

  25. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!! I hope you have the most amazing birthday ever!!!!

    You better be celebrating the whole weekend birthday style! Love you!

    Haha, oh god the last one is hilarious

  26. Happy birthday! Hope your day is wonderful!

  27. Happy Birthday! I hope all your birthday wishes come true!

  28. Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day, enjoy yourself! :))

  29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy every moment today AND over the weekend. 🙂

    Love the teddy bear and stripper one! haha

  30. Happy birthday!

  31. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! Hope you have an awesome day!!


    Happy 24th Lindsay! Hope it’s as amazing as you are!

  33. HAPPY Birthday to YOU!!!

    I loved the Starbucks one 🙂 These are all hilarious! ENJOY your day ❤ xoxo

  34. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Happy Birthday!! The Starbucks one has me cracking up, probably because I know people who would do this.

  36. HAPPY, happy birthday!!! THese are hilarious, thanks for sharing !! Have a lovely day and weekend 🙂

  37. Happy birthday!! HOpe it’s awesome!

  38. Happy Happy Happy Birthday love! I hope you had a wonderful day so far! You deserve it!

  39. Happy birthday!!!! Love all of the pictures 🙂

  40. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!! I hope your day is full of laughter, smiles, love & tons of celebration.. ohh & yummy birthday cake (duh!)


  42. i can’t remember if i told you this yesterday on FB! But HAPPY BIRFDAY!!

  43. I just read this. Happy belated birthday!!

  44. Happy Birthday! I hope it was a good one! 🙂

    Love the pictures… they all brought a smile to my face! And, I can’t wait to see Magic Mike – your picture just reminded me that it is on my to-do list.

  45. Just came across your blog! 🙂 Happy birthday! Hope your day is great.

    Looking forward to more posts!

  46. Happy (belated) Birthday Lindsay!! I hope you’re having a great weekend celebrating!

  47. I hope that you enjoyed your birthday, sweet girl!

    That last one definitely made me laugh out loud too!

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