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Never Have I Ever: Healthy Food Edition


Have any of you played (or still play) the game “never have I ever”? Well in case you haven’t, let me describe it to you :).

“Never have I ever” (also known as “Ten Fingers”) is a often popular party game that involves drinking. The verbal game is started with the players getting into a circle. Then, the first player says a simple statement starting with “Never have I ever”. Anyone who has done what the first player has not must drink and put down a finger. It continues around the circle, and the next person makes a statement. There is also a non-drinking version that is basically just used to get to know one another and you put your fingers down instead of taking a drink. Once a player runs out of “fingers” the game is over.

Back in middle school and high school I always played the non-drinking version at things like cheerleading camp, sleepovers, and parties. It’s always a good time. And generally, when you’re a bit older, it often turns naughty.

Well today, I thought I would do my own little blog version of the game. Except not really because no one is putting their fingers down, but you get the idea. I’m going to tell you 10 things I’ve never done that relate to healthy food! Ready? Here we go:

1. Never have I ever: eaten kale. I’m not a veggie lover. I have to generally “gently” remind myself to eat them. And kale sounds a bit too strong in taste for me. How would I know? I don’t haha.

2. Never have I ever: made my own peanut butter. I should really try this!

3. Never have I ever: tried cashew butter. I think this is a blogging sin. I’m pretty sure the only reason I’ve never tried it is because I didn’t want to shell out the cash to pay for it.

4. Never have I ever: liked raw broccoli and cauliflower. The texture of both of them when they are raw gives me the willies hehe.

5. Never have I ever: mixed avocado into something sweet (like a smoothie or dessert of some sort). The idea freaks me out. I know I need to get over it haha.

6. Never have I ever: like chia seeds. I’ve tried them several times. Um no. No no no. They gross my taste buds and sensory receptors out!

7. Never have I ever: made one of the oh so popular microwave muffins. Why? I never have all of the ingredients on hand. I should just suck it up and go by some because they always look so tasty :).

8. Never have I ever: followed a fad diet.

9. Never have I ever: tried to make a protein pudding.

10. Never have I ever: completely given up refined sugar. Sometimes I just want a real dessert that has the white table sugar in it. If I completely give up eating real desserts, I’ll go crazy!

Your turn! Tell me something that you’ve never done that’s food related!


A Typical Day While Completing My Internship

Hey there!

No, I haven’t disappeared…I’ve just been crazy busy. Which is why I’ve decided to establish a new “blogging policy” like my friend Brittany did a couple weeks ago. You see, I’ve been so busy with my internship that the past couple of days I honestly thought about stopping my blog. But then, I saw Lindsay last night at a a restaurant and it made me realize how much I would miss blogging and this wonderful community.

So, part one of my new “policy” is that I’m going to post when I feel like and when I have time….and only then. I’m not going to force myself to bust out a post just because I feel like I should. Frankly, that will cause me stress and give you some poor reading material. I will try to post 3 times a week, but if it doesn’t happen then so be it. I need to live my life and dedicate the necessary amount of time and energy to my internship!

Part two of this policy is that I will only comment if I feel like I have the time to. I love reading blogs and will absolutely continue to read all of yours, but sometimes commenting adds a lot of time to that process which I just don’t have. I’m truly sorry about this. Just remember, that even though I may not comment on your blog as much doesn’t mean that I’m not reading!

Okay…so, wanna see a day in my life while at my internship? Then you can understand how busy I am haha. I saw Chelsey write a similar post about a typical summer day for her and was inspired :D. This is an example of a day this week…some days I start around 8:30 and other days I start at 7:30AM:

  • 5:00 AM – Wake up and change into workout clothes
  • 5:15 AM – Workout (either in basement of at the gym)
  • 6:30 AM – Shower
  • 6:45 AM – Eat breakfast and drink coffee and read some blogs
  • 7:15 AM – Get ready for work
  • 7:30 AM – Pack lunch
  • 7:45 AM – Leave and drive to work
  • 8:15 AM – Arrive at work
  • 8:20 AM – Start day at work
  • 6:45 PM – End day at work
  • 6:50PM – Drive home and make calls to Chris, family members, and friends
  • 7:15 PM – Arrive home and eat dinner
  • 7:45 PM – Plan treatment activities for the next day
  • 8:30 PM – Start to nod off on the couch because I’m so tired…lay there and watch tv or peruse the internet
  • 9:00PM – Get ready for bed
  • 9:15 PM – Go to bed
Um…no wonder I slept for almost 11 hours last night haha. The days where I start at 7:30AM I get off work a little earlier and have some more time in the evening which is nice.

I hope you all understand where I’m coming from and stick with me as I try to juggle everything at this time. I love you all!! ❤

Have a fantastic weekend 😀

Inspiring Sunshine

Hi everyone! I love that you all enjoy receiving fitness-related gifts as much as I do!

The other day Laurie nominated me for the Sunshine Blog Award! This award is given to bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.

THANK YOU SO MUCH LAURIE!! You are so sweet to award me this :D. It means a lot!! So, here are my responses…hopefully you all love reading survey answers as much as I do hehe.
  • Favorite color? Pink!
  • Favorite animal? Ohhh boy…I don’t really know the answer to this haha. I love cats and dogs. And horses and dolphins!
  • Favorite number? I don’t really have one. I’ve always liked the number 6 though since it’s the date of my birthday.
  • Favorite color? Ummmm…still pink haha
  • Favorite drink? If we’re talking alcoholic, I love wine!
  • Facebook or twitter? How about Instagram and Pinterest hehe
  • What is your passion? I feel like I’m passionate about a lot of different things – health, reading, helping others, and my loved ones!
  • Giving or getting presents? I love to receive presents…I always feel so special. BUT, I absolutely adore getting things for other people! Especially when I am able to get them something that they absolutely love :).
  • Favorite day of the week? It used to be Friday because it was the start of the weekend, but now that I’m working until about 6, I think I’d say Saturday since I don’t have anything to do and I don’t have to go back to work the next day!
  • Favorite flower? Apparently I don’t really have a favorite anything haha. I do like gerbera daisies and hibiscus flowers though!

Also, Krista nominated me for the “Very Inspirational Blogger Award” :D. THANK YOU KRISTA! I seriously feel so blessed to have other bloggers nominate me for awards like this! I love knowing that I can somehow inspire others!

This award involves me stating 7 things about myself!

  1. As much as I LOVE blogging, it doesn’t come first in my life. With my internship taking up a lot of time right now I may not be commenting as much, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still keeping up with your blogs and checking out your posts!
  2. I just downloaded an app on my phone to help me keep track of how much water I’m drinking. I haven’t been getting enough, so lets hope this does the job!
  3. I downloaded the Demi Lovato cd last week. It’s really good :).
  4. I pretty much never have my phone on “loud”. It’s always on silent or vibrate.
  5. For some reason the nail polish on my second to last and last toe on each foot always comes off first….I think I tend to curl under my toes when I’m working out.
  6. Sometimes I wish I had an accent.
  7. I’ve only had my eyebrows waxed once…and the lady did a terrible job. I’ve plucked them ever since!

Now it’s my turn to nominate :D. I’m going to nominate 5 bloggers who can do one or both awards!

Lindsay of Cotter Crunch

Katie of Healthy Diva Eats

Natalie of Southern Fit Foodie

Meg of A Dash of Meg

Alexandra of Tales of a Freckled Lifter

I hope you all have an amazing day!!