Fitness Loves of the Week

This was something that occurred for 12 weeks! It was a fitness link-up feature done in the style of What I Ate Wednesday. The acronym used to promote this little feature was FLOW (fitness loves of the week).

On Fridays I posted either a routine that I had created that week, a picture or video of a move that I had done, or even a post about a workout. Others could do something similar- provide a workout that they’ve created, describe a workout/move through pictures or a video (or even through words), or talk about a great workout that they’ve had- and then link up their posts!

This is the picture that was created for FLOW:

In Sweetness and In Health

Here are all of the Fitness Loves of the Week posts. Check them out for the posts that others linked up!


  1. Hey, lady! Love the idea of this!

    Would you want to submit an announcement for HLB’s Monday Announcement posts, telling the masses of HLB Members abuot what you’re doing over here?

    If so – send us an email at healthylivingblogs at gmail with how you want it to appear! We’d love to help spread the word about what you’ve got going on over here 🙂

  2. I’m in!

    I’ve just grabbed the “button” and have started planning my post!

    Cheers, Anna (@ Piper’s Run)

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